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What should I get for lunch?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Forgot my lunch at home this morning, so I'm going to get takeaway.

  2. Noodles. Can't go wrong with noodles.
  3. Depends on if you're going to have a big dinner :LOL:
  4. ...Peking Duck

  5. Did your mummy pack it for you? She's going to be upset you forgot it.
  6. I'm a fat guy, all of my meals are big :)

  7. :rofl:

    Nah I made some sandwiches last night, took 'em out of the fridge when I was gearing up, and promptly left the bag on the counter.
  8. Beer. Everything else is optional.
  9. Yiros, extra garlic sauce.
  10. I would kill for a kebab. There are no decent kebab shops near me :-(

    /had chicken/bacon/white wine pasta leftovers
  11. Curry is always appropriate.
  12. Go to the Subway complex on Salmon street & get Japanese. It's very good.

    & hit me up next time!
  13. Everyones least favourite cook onboard the dredge today.
    Rice, beef goulash, wedges and frozen vegies that were cooked in some bland tomato sauce. He even managed to open a woolworths butternut and pecan pie. Tried to say he made it but it looks almost exactly the same as the one i have in my fridge at home.

    ALL of it was terrible!

    Used to getting 4 star restaurant quality meals and the guys arent happy lmao.

    Your options... id have to say kebab or subway if its nearby.
  14. I just had a wicked burger, so all burgers must be good today. Have one.
  15. If you work around other people then curried lentils with garlic served with a pint of stout always makes the afternoon entertaining (for you).
  16. Friday is usually my pig out day where I get fried chicken/avocado sushi or 2 rolls from the local Asian bakery.
  17. Nooooooo kissing for you
  18. Damn! Wanna go tomorrow?
  19. When your phone, keyboard and mouse start to get turmeric stains through sustained skin contact, you know you're doing well :twisted:.
  20. Unless you work in my office and you're not me.