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What should I do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sinner, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. So before I start, Merry Xmas to all.

    Now I’m in a little bit of a dilemma. I will be losing my license for 3 months for maxing out my points. The RTA has given my the option to go on a 12 month probation period meaning that if I get caught breaking the law I will get a hefty fine and will lose my license for double the time.
    So considering that my bike is my only form of transport and I will be constantly in the firing line, I was just wondering if I should forget about the 12 month probation and just do the 3 months.

  2. buy a postie bike, and do the good behaviour bond. Sell the bigger bike at the same time.

    Or get your parents to lock it up and put the key for the industrial type chain and locks in a safe deposit box. This way you cannot move it, but you can atleast run it for a bit.
  3. I can't get into your head to know exactly how much self control you have. So it's a pretty pointless question in my opinion. But if it were me, I would do the 3 months. Because murphys law would dictate that 1 day before I got my points back I would get pinged. And I also have not one ounce of self control when it comes to bikes and the riding of.
  4. If your bike is your only way to get around, and you need it, then take the 12 month stint, i would.

    At the end of the day it will be 12 months of self control, being extra alert to the little things.

    You will be the master of your own destiny.
  5. do the 3 months or youll end up doing 6 months instead.
    since you are in this situation, it would be easy to assume you have little self control which means you have little chance of going 12 months without losing a single point.
    take the 3 months to think about why your walking and learn from it.
  6. Thera has spoken. Point is, if you've lost your license on the current bike, there's no guarantee that you won't go ahead and lose it on ANY bike; bikes are not the problem, the connection between your brain and your right hand is the problem.

    Buy a pushbike and learn some self-control, before you do worse than lose (not loose, as in 'not tight', incidentally) your license.
  7. Well if you take the 12 month option you technically have not lost your licence for insurance and future job prospects (if a licence is required). You take the 3 months and your done as a dodo.
  8. What time period did you loose all your points in?

    More or less then 12 moths? I'm assuming less, so the chances that you will do something stupid and get caught over the period of a year are high.

    On the other hand 12 months of walking will get you fit more then 3 months will..
  9. I was going to say 'take the 3', which is what I'd probably do myself in those circumstances (I already did 3 months on public transport last year when my bike was in for repairs, so I know it's a pain and a lot less fun than riding, but definitely doable).

    But Transformer's last post above, and the insurance and other factors it introduces, definitely bears a lot of thinking about. My insurance, comprehensive, is under $200 a year. Even if it doubles it's not going to kill me. And I'm a uni lecturer, so my job doesn't depend on a license.

    But if you're a young bloke with an expensive bike, and the potential of prohibitive or denied insurance, or you're likely to be looking for a job as a delivery driver or whatever, then the 12 months is the option. Changing bikes might also make sense - sure, it's all about self control, but some bikes still make fast feel slow, and others make slow feel fast.
  10. You ALWAYS take the 12 months.

  11. Definately take the 12 months - and take responsibility for how far you turn that throttle. If you have that little amount of control, sell the bike and buy a cage that is less likely to kill you. (ok just my 2cents from my soapbox)

    and have a Happy New Year :grin:
  12. well since i'll probably get a similar letter in the mail, i've been weighing up my options as well.

    1) take the 3 months. this means i can't "legally" get to work. public transport is out of the question, and so is walking or riding my pushie to work. so i'd have to risk driving to work every day, for 3 months, even if i dont drive anywhere else, it's still a BIG risk, and getting caught equals 12 months loss of license i think. i rate my chances of getting away with it high, but to be honest, with my luck of late in these matters, i'd be caught. conclusion - probably not the best option for me

    2) take the 12 month option. as mentioned above, insurance in the future would be better off, and i can legally get to work... but to be honest, 12 months in a world where 3km/h over the limit can get you pinged, etc, would be hard! I'd have to seriously consider what i'd do with the bike, as there's NO WAY i'd go 12 months without a speeding fine even with a high level of self control, and i would have to cut back on the driving i do to simply reduce the chances of getting caught for a stupid 3 over, or some other mickey mouse offence. bottom line - it would be possible, but hard.

    so what would i do, in your position (and potentially my position in a few weeks), i'd take the 12 month option and stick it out. leave the bike for track days only for the 12 months, and limit my driving.

    just my $0.02
  13. My insurance considered this as a loss (shannons). Then I got done on my probation period, and they considered that as another loss. Even though I appealed that suspension and won the appeal. Or at least thats what they told me. Having 2 turbo cars and under 25 its expensive either way though, so I wouldn't have a clue other than what they told me.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what NSW is like compaired to QLD. But if its the same as up here. You should have 2 points on probation? So you can lose one then you are really on the ropes. The other thing is, if you do get done on your probation for something fairly minor, you do not dispute the fine. Pay the fine, then appeal the suspension of your licence. Then you have a judge to consider your circumstances. That said if you get done in the first week of probation your done for 6 months, the judge will see you as irrisponsible etc. Also I don't know what your driving/riding history is like. If its bad, maybe the 3 months is the better option. Thats what I've gone through anyway up here in QLD. My driving history was good, and I had a good sob story for the judge that required me to keep my licence. Basically they can't take away your ability to earn a living. (or thats what the case was a few years back)
  14. i dont think its a hard decision at all...just behave for 12 months. you can still have fun within the law
  15. Take the 12 months but make sure you drive EVERY WHERE ALL THE TIME at least 10 kph UNDER the speed limit.

    Don't drive or ride anywhere for enjoyment only drive or ride when it's absolutely essential.

    That should get you through the 12 months (you'll hate it though).
  16. Just remember, if you were to take the 3 months and ride/drive, then hit someone your gonna be broke and locked up for some time... No bodly insurance.

    I took 3 months when I lost all my points, but got someone to drive me around, after 3 months of pain... I got my full licence back.
  17. PHAAARK. IMO, if you can't pull your head in for 12 months, then you shouldn't be on the roads driving/riding in the first place :facepalm: .

    In a short period of time quite a few yrs ago, I was in the same position. Not having the best paid job in the world, I got sick of paying the fines, so did just that, and pulled my head in. I still give whatever i'm driving/riding the berries every now and then, but i'm a lot more carefull as to where and when. I now have all my points back and haven't been pinged since.
  18. This may be obvious........

    If you take the 12mths.......Don't break the law!!!!!! Show some self control................

  19. When you drive into victoria and they have book people for 3kms over after driving 8 hours... I don't care who you are, you can be the most carefull person in the world....

    I decided to drop the licence for 3 months, that way, if I slipped I wouldn't loose it for 6 months. Much easier.