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What should i do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Well ive been offered $1440 by insurance to repair my bike (gs500), which is almost enough to repair most of the stuff damaged in my crash a few weeks back. The damage list was, dented tank (not scratched though), scratched engine case, bent bar end, and damaged rubber grips/foot pegs.

    Im wondering what you guys would do in my situation. Im a poor uni student and so low on cash, i will be unrestricted in august and so will upgrade then. Would you guys use the full amount and repair everything you can or just keep the cash and ride it as is?

  2. Damage, particularly if its visually obvious - will significantly lower resale price. I'd say base what you repair based on that.
  3. Ditto... appearance is very important when selling anything.

    You might want to see if there are any Netriders in your area that can either assist or know of where you can get things fixed cheaper?

    Good Luck
  4. What is your excess ? Will you be losing any no claim bonus ? Is it worth making a claim?
    Just get the repairs you need for the bike to be rideable again done, don't worry too much about the cosmetics. Once a bike has been crashed it's worth plummets regardless of how well it has been repaired. Sure it's nice to have the scratches removed, but a buyer will still be purchasing a bike that has been crashed.
  5. No excess becuase im the 3rd party. But if i was to replace the engine cover as well as anything else that was damged then technically it hasnt crashed right? I mean theres no way to tell that it has? It was only a low speed drop, less than 10kmhr.
  6. That's handy. Write the insurance company regarding the sum they are willing to pay you, it is obviously not sufficient as you are still worried about affording the repairs. You can demand a re-assesment also and they might react by making you a new offer. Repeat this process until you can get your bike back to it's condition before the crash.
  7. use the money to fix your bike mate....if it looks good the re-sale value will be a lot better
  8. +1 to what Grady says