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What should I do with my bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slideways, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. So it's time for me to move up and buy a bigger bike.

    I've decided I want a VTR1000. And I've found a nice one at a dealership that I really like.

    The dealership said they would trade my bike in for me and put that towards the cost of the VTR.

    So I went home got my bike and took it in to get priced...

    My bike is a 99 CB600' has about 80000ks (I know a lot) has no dents is perfectly straight and runs perfect.

    They offered me.... $1k ... :( on the basis that it needs a new front tyre, possibly new front rotors, and they don't think the indicators will pass road worthy (even though I bought it like that?)

    So now I'm not sure what to do... I knew it wouldn't be worth much, given the age and k's, i just spent a couple hundred $$ replacing all fluids, filters, spark plugs, new battery and installed molten RHOK lights lol.... I was hoping for at least $2k ....

    So here are my options:
    - Accept the $1k trade in and move on
    - Spend money and time and sell it privately (rego lasts until middle oct)
    - sell it as is, unregistered ie. without safety cert, and ask for 1500-2000
    - take it apart and sell it as parts (this would really break my heart)


    Pic of my bike:

  2. Depends on if you can be bothered mucking around with a private sale, for the extra cash
    You will never get full price on a trade in as the dealer must factor in making some profit themselves when selling it
  3. If I had any attachment to the bike, and all I was going to get was $1-2K, I would store it in a shed and just keep it until I was an old man. :)
  4. I like the bike that much, that I prefer her to be ridden and enjoyed, rather than rot in a garage lol...
  5. 1k was a good offer for that
  6. As far as trade in's go $1000 is good if even you yourself think it's only worth $2000. Trade it in & go the VTR1000, great bikes! :D
  7. Already got a track bike... Plus the cb600 would prob be too soft and slow
  8. For $1000 and all the other stuff I would consider the insult, Then tell them for another $500 they can shove it up there ass..!!

    Sell private and take the first offer. Dont **** about with the sale, move it on, You will get more than $1000, Then buy elsewhere...
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  9. Looks great from the pic. I'll give you $3.5k for it as is. I work on an oil rig in the sea of Japan and want to buy this a a present for my nephew who has just graduated at university. I will have my authorised agent come and get the bike. Please send me your bank account number, copy of signature, credit card details, drivers licence number, date of birth, deed to your house, completed power of attorney over all of your affairs, a recent photograph of your self, copy of passport, a recent bank statement, first born child, your wife's underwear, a lock of hair, birth certificate, vehicle ownership papers, password to your gmail account, proof of employment, blood type, Medicare card, registration papers for you dog, full detailed medical history, a police check completed within the last 3 months, shoe size, phone number, signed autograph of Elvis, the entire back catalogue of the Beetles, and a pair of leopard skin pants.

    Alternatively, I can forego these regiments if you contribute a small security deposit of $2000. This can be spread out over four easy weekly payments of $750 but you must act now. I need to receive the first payment by no later than 20th July.

    I can't wait to see the look on my nephews face.
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  10. It's probably a fair offer considering they need to make a profit on it when they sell it.

    If it were me, I'd either:
    a) offer it up for sale here / to a friend for the price they offered you for it,
    b) kiss it goodbye and trade it in, spend the time you save on the new bike, or
    c) do it up as a project until it's worth as much to someone else as it's worth to me.

    Actually being winter 'n all, I'd wind up doing b. But mostly because no matter how much I love a bike, there's nothing I can do with a set of tools that wouldn't decrease its value further. Yup, I'm just that good at mechanics.
  11. Yeah I'm actually thinking of just selling it privately.. New front tyre, and new rotors, is prob $400, and just ask for $1500

    At least then someone else is getting a decent deal on a bike?
  12. ok lets try and sell it here privately to make a point.

    yellow hornet
    boring inline clapped out 4
    comes with lime green rim tape that nearly match
    streetfighter headlight that works sometimes ?
    bald tires.

    asking 2k, make an offer. no reasonable offers refused.

    anyone ??
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  13. Based on MT1's ad I'll give you $500 and a slab of VB but I want it sent down here for free. :LOL:

    I think that if you're looking to sell put it up for private sale. It looks like it's worth more than $1000.
  14. Haha,

    clapped out? Come take it for a ride and tell me how clapped out it is :)
    Headlight works perfectly, even has high beam, yeah buddy!
    Rear tyre is not bald :)
  15. a very reasonable offer

    the dealership dose'nt want it. just going to scrap it.
    all it means is they can let the VTR go out the door for close to a grand less than the asking price.
    cash talks. go back and negotiate. that was only their first offer. you can do better. knock them down 500 bucks. too easy, dump the yellow crapheap with them and ride home on the VTR, all paperwork done.
  16. Maybe I should get a price from the wreckers?
  17. i just think it will be a hard bike to move private sale. if it was LAMS, would be easy.
    just not much of a market in people looking to upgrade, who would consider it as their next better bike.
    they've had time to save and have a dream bike list.
    it's not that it's a bad bike. just will be hard to find interested party to buy it.
  18. Put it on fleabay starting at $1000,you got nothing to lose.
    What can you buy for a grand ?
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  19. B grade p0rn star for one hour