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What should I do? Leave it or drain excess oil in swift

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by drewzor, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Ok, I know its not bike related but it could happen to you one day.

    While filling up with feul I check my oil and found that it was basically empty..
    Da, went to repco and bought 15-40 oil and thought, "yeah about three liters should do it"

    1.5 liters in I checked the dipstick and found that it had not changed much so again i started... 2.5L I check it again and ooaawwwww its twice as full as full is indicated on the stick.

    What will happen if I leave this as is?

    I really dont want to drain the sump!
  2. Bad news for ya, overfilling the oil is actually worse for the engine than underfilling. No big deal, just drain the sump into a tray, and then pour the CORRECT amount back in. 15 minutes max.
  3. How does the engine sound when running? If all OK, then don't worry too much about it. Just make sure it still sounds OK when accelerating, braking and turning corners.
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Follow Loz's advice.
    Engines rely on splash lubrication. Adding too much oil submerges moving parts which will just make the oil foam and lose it's ability to protect the engine.
  5. Not only that, also run the risk of blowing seals.
  6. Hmm I don't think you can use overfilling your oil as an excuse for that one Micky. [-X
    You just stick to that court order prohibiting you from zoos and coastal regions okay :p :LOL:.
  7. +1 Loz
    How often do you check your oil?
  8. OK its drained got 5L out ???

    I'm sold that too much is more damaging then too little.
    I refilled with 2.5L which seems to be 2/3rds full, considering it was fine when there was about 300ml this should do until its service.

    Thanks for the quick replies
  9. You've got it in for me haven't you mate?

    This particular car does not rely on splash lubrication, it has a pick up point with screen down low in the sump. "Too much oil" is only an issue if the crank (or the bottom of the piston rods) dip into the oil. You can hear this when it happens, as it makes a very distincitive 'knocking' noise.

    Anyhow you've taken care of it, of course it's best to fill it to the right level to begin with but you originally stipulated that you did NOT want to drain the oil, so rather than a dumb one-answer-fits-all I tried to give you some advice on how to determine IF it's a problem.

    Sorry, forgot it's Netrider, one needs to keep stuff simple here ...
  10. Hmm lets see fast moving piston conrod hitting a viscous fluid. Yeah I imagine that would make a distinctive noise, and not one you'd ever want an engine to make :shock:.

    Oh and FYI I don't look at who posted something, only the content of the post. I'd treat anyone suggesting waiting for an engine to make unusual sounds rather than fix a known problem exactly the same.

    You don't work for Nissan by any chance :LOL:
    (That joke's for any Patrol owners out there ;)).
  11. The probelm is that people don't read posts. No-one said anything about waiting for an engine to make a noise. If it doesn't do it now then it won't.

    Have you changed the front wheel bearings on your bike lately? Probably not, becuase they sound OK, don't they? According to your logic, then you should do them now ... why wait for them to make noise first?
  12. No need, I checked them when I bought the bike and they were literally brand new. If they hadn't of been I probably still would have replaced them simply so I'd know they wouldn't need doing any time soon.
    Same goes for pretty much every other component on the bike. I much prefer preventative maintenance to waiting for something to make weird noises or not go.
  13. Jesus, talk about victim mode!! The dumb answer is telling him to leave it as is with 2 litres too much oil which is terrible advice!

    OP, good that you took five minutes out to drain some the oil, your engine will thank you for it. :wink:

    Actually, i remember working at a servo some chick who was trying to fill the oil through the dipstick hole!!!
  14. Put spinners on it.
  15. Sorry but if you leave that much oil in your engine it can and more then likely will have bad effects: as in blowing out seals , glazing the bore of your cylinders etc !! you must drain the sump and refill to the correct level