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What should i do? Bike purchasing help.Update: Bought a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Conny!, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. I've been checking bike online for a while. Investigating. Made a shortlist, and last 2 weeks been checking out dealers and stuff.

    Yesterday i took a GSXF750 for a ride. Didn't like it too much. It just felt really heavy for me at low speeds.

    Then i took a VFR750 from Jeffery Honda for a ride, i think i fell in love. It felt so good to ride. So i think its the bike for me. But i would still like to take a CBR600F4i for a spin before i make a decision.

    But what are peoples opinion on Jeffery Honda, the bike is '92 VFR750 with around 50,000k's on it. They want $6.5K but i reckon for that price i could get some extras thrown in.

    But i see Spot On have some VFR's as well, so i'm going to check them out on Monday. SHould i start a bidding war between the two shops? I do think the VFR750 is for me or should i keep looking?

    Any sound and appropriate advice is appreciated. This is my first road bike buying experience, and i don't have anyone to help me check out the bikes at the moment. So feedback on the dealers mentioned would be handy.

  2. I've never had any personal contact with Jeffery honda but I heard firsthand of some very positive experiences people have had with them (Very friendly & helpful guys apparantly).

    Test ride the cbr anyway you never know it could be even better than the vfr.
  3. how about taking an suzuki SV650S for a spin :wink: they have a price roll back on them atm and there going for 10.000$ brand new :grin: that even includes onroad costs! :) there a very comfy bike also :grin:
  4. I don't like the look of the SV650S. I did consider it one point.

    And also my upper limit is about $7K including onroads.

    But the guys at Jeffery Honda did seem good. The guy asked me some questions to determine if i was a buyer or a random hoon, but then they were cool.

    The guy at A1 motorcycles who had the GSXF was good to, he told my if i wanted to a longer test ride come back and he would let me take it out for an hour. But the GSXF did it feel as nice as teh Viffer.
  5. $6500 is a lot of $ for a 13 year old 750 (yes Veefers hold thier value well but that means they often aren't good 2nd hand value).

    If you've got $6500 to play with you could get a much more recent 600 with lower kms and probably in better condition.
  6. I've heard mixed things about Jeffery Honda Sales.
    Some have had quite good experiences, others (like myself) have had very bad experiences.

    However, i have heard nothing but good words about their service department.

    Either way, i recon you keep looking around. Just so you can be sure that you are getting the best price you could possibly be getting.
  7. yeah sounds like alot.

    I paid 8 k for a 2000 CBR 929RR with 16K on the clock.. if that helps with adjusting your expectation of what you can get for 6.5 k

    P.S. why a bke shop and not private ?

  8. shame you didnt like the gsx a friend of mine is selling one .. i have listed it here on his behalf in the bike sales forum ... bloody good value too

    but you will find the vfr,s are very expencive they hold their value but i would be looking for a later model 13 years old is getting on a bit if its a daily rider

    another bike you might want to look at is the suzuki rf 900 ..... an awsome machine ... and right in your price range
  9. I was only going to bike shops because i wanted to test ride bikes, and with the variety there it would be easier. And now that i have my eye on the VFR if you look in vic for them, all of the 90's model VFR750's are in dealers hands.

    I also agree with it being a tad expensive for an old bike. But looking around the VFR750's from the 90's are all advertised for around $7K. One dude had one at the end of last year for $5k, but its been snapped up.

    I will take the CBR600 for a go, because you can get them in good condition low k's for around $7K. But i like the VFR so far. The CBR did feel good when i sat on it though.

    And thanks for all the comments, it has helped me have constructive pondering sessions, and not let me heart make me right blank cheques. :p
  10. cbrf4 (not f4i) are *very* affordable at the moment
    would make a good and reliable bike imho

    if you can find an f4i in your price bracket i'd take it
    but otherwise, i don't think the f4 is much of a compromise
  11. I noticed that. Its crazy. That why i'm itching to take one for a test ride. Because there are so many well price cbrf4's.

    So heres hoping.
  12. I bought my bike new from Jeffrey Honda and the guys there were friendly and helpful, also the service dept were great as well. Fantastic experience wouldnt go anywhere else !
  13. Well VFR's are a very nice bike and stick to your plan bud if thats the one you want or youll regret a different purchase.

    Just need to be patient
  14. Before you decied also take a zx9r kwaka for a spin :grin:
  15. Not that youre biased.......... :p
  16. peace curtain gal peace :biker:
  17. I found that Chris at Jeffrey Honda was great...a couple of the others were also good to deal with.
    Their main Salesman tho'.....well.... I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire!
  18. As FR said Chris at jefferies was nice , I think it realy helps when you deal with the people who own it . Good luck with the purchase .
  19. go to www.google.com.au

    type in any bike you are thinking of or looking at and study its specs and reputation,

    then when you are out and see someone on the bike ,Don't be shy be polite and talk to them ask them anything you wanted to know about the bikes performance and its down sideEct ,

    this is what i am and have been doing every chance i can ..
    buy the JUST Motor BIKES magazine $3.95 <investment :grin:
    from any newsagent
    lots of eye candy and plenty of info in there too..
  20. Just remember that if you are going to talk to people about their bikes they will be likely to only say positive things about their bikes....

    But any of those bikes you have mentioned will do a good job....

    You do appear to be comparing apples with pears.... and pigs for that matter...

    the GSXF is a sports tourer... leaning very heavily on tourer rather than sports...

    The VFR is a pure sports/tourer... a very healthy mix between the two...

    the CBR F is a sports tourer leaning toward sports... although you can tour on it... (I owned a 99 F3 for a long time and it was a great bike)..

    the CBR F4i is a sports bike.... it has a much more aggresive riding positiong than the F4 or F3 bikes... (The i stands for fuel injection)

    I think you need bring some focus into the mix.... What are you going to do with this bike? If you are not going to tour with it, and want to fang it around the twisties on the weekends, there are bikes you mentioned that I wouldnt recommend, if you were going to do a fair few long rides, there are others you should count out...

    Tell us what you are going to do with it, how tall you are (yes, that makes a difference).... Your experience level.... Your budget....

    We will be able to give you a list of bikes that would suit your needs and you can go and check them out and shop around at that point...