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What should i buy??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Do some mods to the bike and get some new gear...

  2. Upgrade to a new bike....

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  3. Be sensible and pay it off my loan...

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  4. Piss it up the wall...

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  1. Well i just sold my car (cause i was bored of it :p ) And now ive got a fist full of hundred dollar notes :D

    What do you guys think i should do now??

  2. Do some mods to your beautiful =P~ =P~ R6 and then go on a week long bender with the rest :D
  3. put a deposit down on a triumph 675
  4. Nah dont think ill be doing that, looks like a nice bike though...

    Already gone with option one and started ordering some bits and pieces :D
  5. Come out with me right after i get paid. And we can both think we are loaded and go out to the clubs, strip clubs , brothels.. Having a ball. Then wake up and look in your wallet and try to figure out what happend to all the money.

    Its pretty fun, but if i didnt do it i might have a riced out 180sx instead :cry:
  6. Give it to me ?????
  7. Looks like you will be paying of the loan, good to see people have a level head. Finance is like the hangman's noose just waiting to push you over the edge.