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Featured What "Shit" do you have hanging off your bike key?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CraigA, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. This is in response to this thread: Shit hanging off bike keys?

    I want to see what my fellow riders have hanging off your bike key. Perhaps a key ring, perhaps a dozen keys and a lanyard, or perhaps you go for the key only.

    Either way post up a pic 'cause I wanna see 'em so just do it!

    Heres mine. Its the Alien head key ring which is supposed to mimic the BMW headlight set up on the S1000R/RR. Its rubber, it doesn't scratch the area around the ignition and I like it! IMAG1714.
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  2. The disc lock key has scratched things up a bit but it's a great reminder to take the lock off before I go anywhere.

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Rubberised thingy from Suzuki dealer and the panniers key. Only locked the key in the panniers once. Once.

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  5. And that's one more time than you want to right?
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  6. Yep. In front of Coles, with every kid I teach coming in and out, while the missus and I look stupidly at each other for 10 minutes trying to work out where it went. Then wait for a while longer for a good mate to drop past, lend us his car for an hour so we can drive home and get the spare. Wasted an afternoon of my life because I dropped it in with the shopping.
  7. Lol. It happens.

    Teacher hey? What do you teach?
    Notice the back ground in my pic above?
  8. This is what happend when I attached a fluffy ball onto the key
    Good ideas that backfired?

    Now I just have a plastic tag and partner has some wacky japanese rubber figurine thing.
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  9. key.

    I'd had the common experience of scratching the crap out of the area around the ignition with my full keyring, so I got a little stuffed koala, but he wore out and got too grotty. Bought this lion, and only later discovered that he roared when grabbed. That has stopped working, but he's still doing his main gig: protecting my key where it and he live inside my glove.
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  10. I teach Maths. Looks like your from the dark side, English?
  11. Physics teacher over here...
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  12. No but I'm in a dark place. I'm pre-placement primary!o_O
  13. That explains why it makes no sense.... Anyway, back to normal programming.
  14. How the hell do you fit that in your pocket? Or do you stuff it down your jocks?
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  15. In the glub, like I said. Although.... :D
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  16. As mentioned in the other thread and regardless bike or cage lots of keys = stress on the ignition barrel.

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  17. Netrider key tag and just recently added Techspec tank grip keytag thingie that came as a free gift with the said tank grips.
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  18. my key and that is all....

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  19. Harleys are strange beasts, primitive in some respects, right up to date in others.

    No ignition key used on the latest Harleys just a proximity device which you leave in your pocket.
    Just flip the kill button to 'on' then hit the start button. When you walk away from the bike out of
    range of the proximity device the alarm automatically arms.

    If the proximity device fails you enter a 5 digit code via the switchgear.

    There is a conventional key to lock the steering.
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