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What sh!ts me off [small rant]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lobsta, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. guys who drive 4WDs with suspension tuned to drive over logs and dead horses and 1 storey houses and the like that take 2 inch speed bumps at HALF A FREAKING KILOMETRE AN HOUR!!! i was stuck behind this jerkoff for 300 metres at the shopping centre!!! my speedo needle was pointing at NOTHING while i was matching his speed over the bumps.

  2. :LOL: :LOL:

    Shouldn't laugh, I hate these wankers too, I'm a firm believer that there should be a permit system where you prove off road use before sale.
  3. Four Wheel Drive thingies are great, on the Canning Stock Route.
  4. Quit yer ranting, it coulda been worse. They coulda got out after every bump and re-inflated the tyres, then deflated 'em as they approach the next one.

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  5. Ha ha ha, yeah that's one of my pet peves!!
  6. I hate to state the obvious, but the slower he goes over a speed bump, the faster you can overtake. Frustration on the road is something people suffer when they have a lack of options, like in a car.
  7. what shits me off, is when people write shit wrong.

  8. :rofl:
  9. DING! i had to give my brother a lift down to the shops so i was caging it (i know, ive been naughty :cry:)... stoopid no pillion rules.... though, nothing makes you appreciate the torque of a gpx250 than driving a hyundai accent down to the shops and back...

  10. I heard a story about a bloke who was driving too slowly in a carpark.
    He parks; he and his missus get out of the stocko Commodore.

    Young bloke pulls up, hops out of his car, starts telling this guy off for driving too damn slow, being a grandpa, should be off the road, etc.

    And he gets a response...

    "I'm sorry mate. I had the missus in the car and she's pregnant. We're going for our first, and we had 2 miscarriages last year; so I'm really trying to be careful with her in the car. I really hope we haven't made you late for anything."

    Guess who felt like the tiniest piece of shit in the world that day?
  11. Yeah, but they've gotta do it... the movie they're watching on the in-dash DVD player jumps if they hit the bump too hard... :roll:
  12. to elaborate, it was not THIS kind of 4wd

    it was something closer to THIS kind of 4wd

    well, not exactly, but you get the picture. u know the kind, with flood lights bolted to every non moving part, and a gun rack with a gun rack on it.


  13. Yeah this pisses me off as well.. Especially more annoying when I'm on the blade with 'fcuk off stiff style suspension' and I'm still wanting to take it at twice the speed of these arseclowns with 4wds, THEY'RE MADE FOR MASSIVE BUMPS ETC, JUST JUMP THE fcukERS! :LOL:
  14. It's your fault. You were driving a hyundi so it's your fault you couldn't just go round him. For all you know he might have rooted his suspension in the bush and was trying not to cause further damage/upset his sleeping kids or crash. Stop bitching about your mistake and take the bike next time, stuff your brother he's got legs. :)
  15. My mazda has rust instead of suspension and I still don't crawl over tiny speedbumps, despite the pimp bounce that it does for the next few minutes. (I only came into possesion of it when the suspension was already gone, so the damage wasn't done by my speedbump antics ;) )
  16. Speed humps are the best place to overtake cars, as they brake down to 20km/h or less l just pull out and take it at the posted speed limit. Up to 60km/h the Duc handles them fine, over that it gets a little airborne. :grin:

    The looks on the drivers faces makes it all the more pleasurable especially if they're in their hotted up and lowered piece of crap and have been trying to race you :LOL:
  17. if you know the link from beecroft rd to victoria rd in sydney via shaftsbury rd then you are familiar with my drive / ride to work.. the speed humps are little mountains and great for getting past utes and camrys.
  18. So a cager wanker is ranting on about another cager wanker, ok I get it.

    Cheers :cool:
  19. Just one more reason a motard would be a heap of fun