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What security measures do you use?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, May 11, 2011.

  1. When you park your bike on the street, what security measures do you use?

    Either parking in a well populated area, or using physical tools?

    I'm weighing up the options, what is the tool that has a wire connected to the disc called? Apologies for the newbs.
  2. That would be a disc lock, you can pick them up fairly cheaply from most motorcycle shops, as far as I know the wire is solely their as a reminder your disc lock is on. I only usually use one if I'm parking late at night or in a dodgy area.
  3. I use insurance.

    Nothing is going to stop someone that wants your bike enough.
  4. I put disc lock on the back and the U-lock on the front but then like Holster said it not going stop anyone taking your bike if they wanted too.....
  5. Hercalloy chain and GOOD padlock to a fixed object..
    If someone really wants it its gone, you just make it easier to take someone else's..
  6. disc lock, full comprehensive insurance and a well lit spot to park in if on the street.

    make sure you have a big f-ck off cord attached from the secured disc lock to the handlebars etc so you dont ride off like others(me) have done
  7. My disc lock beeps like a mad man when the wind blows too hard (good thing about parking my bike outside my window..) so whoever steals it can enjoy the annoyance while the load it onto their ute..
  8. I park next to a bike that looks better than mine. Even owning two bikes I have a lot of options and never have trouble parking.

    I've even accidently left my key in the lock all day in the CBD. Personally I don't see a problem.
  9. I used to have a team of snipers, spy's, secret agents, federal cops, rogue commando soldiers, air force, stealth ninjas and a suicide bomber following me around and keeping an eye on her for me. It was all good till one day someone actually attempted pinching my bike. They got through pretty much everything, then the suicide bomber stopped him in his tracks - fuken moron also blew my bike up!!!!
  10. +1 If they want it, they'll lift it into thier mates ute lock or no lock.

    Where possible I'll use secure car parks and ride around the barriers..
  11. Comp. insurance, disc lock and a sensible parking location ;)
  12. Don't buy a bike that is desirable.
  13. 20mm x 180cm cable lock, pain in the ass to haul around thou

    And comprehensive insurance
  14. Steering lock, DNA Microdots, Bike alarm, GPS tracker.......and full comp insurance :p

    At work it live in an off-street CCTV monitored car park under the building out the back - and I'm watching the CCTV!

    At home it lives in my garage at the top of a steep f#$k-off driveway - and the door is down when I'm sleeping. And even then the alarm is on and the steering lock engaged.

    When I go out, I'm rarely far from the bike for any great length of time - but then, thats another reason for the full-comp insurance :p
  15. +1. And I take the keys with me.
  16. theft insurance, running the line of my pacesafe through the rear wheel.
  17. When I park in the city for uni I use a big **** off lock, put it through my front wheel spokes and round a parking pole. Good luck taking that!
  18. 339 kg (full), alarm and immobiliser
  19. for the most part i don't do anything more than just the steering head lock eg at work or home, but the disc lock lives in the tail box if it's needed
  20. i use the crazy cat lady loaded up with tabbies =P~