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What second bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shane750, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hello all. Thought id post this here as it will hopefully be project related. Mods feel free to move it.

    My first bike (which i absolutely loved) was an '03 SV650S which i spent a bit blinging up.
    click here
    I souled it (get it?) to buy my current ride, a out '05 GSXR750 which i crashed 4 weeks ago :facepalm: . Get it back friday and have been without transport for 3 weeks.

    This has got me thinking - yea i know, shock, horror LOL. Anyway i have no desire to buy another cage but i wouldnt mind another bike for those times when i crash one or am servicing one or whatever.

    I like sporty type bikes and could handle a vtwin as a 2nd bike but im not too fussy. Prefer something from this century but again im not too fussy. But it does have to turn me on in some way. Could even be a repairable writeoff that i could streetfighter, hmmm

    Any ideas
  2. well if ya like twins im really enjoying my new (second hand) vtr1000 firestorm. you could even get an sv1000 since your used to the 650. both bikes can make great streetfighters.
  3. If you're getting a second bike for the purpose of being a backup for when the other one is unavailable - then streetfighting isn't a great idea, it will always be in pieces from the latest mods you're doing.

    How much do you want to spend and whats it for?

    A 2000 curvy SV650 could be the ticket.
  4. Buy a good classic Brit bike. Say a 500 single. BSA or Norton maybe. Matchless. Or why not a brandnew Royal Enfield.... http://www.royalenfieldaustralia.com/


    Or a custom bike from http://www.deus.com.au/shop/index.php

    Deusâ„¢ SR400 Manx

  5. get a cheap 400/600 trailie. plenty around cheap, and heaps of fun to ride, on and off road. very fun and practical commuter bikes. you might even find you ride it more than the gixxer!

    As for project stuff, you could motard it.

  6. I was thinking a trail bike could be good as a commuter, + i could offroad it on weekends. But I know nothing about dirt bikes so I'm a bit confused.. I've seen ads for some with stuff like 'oil and filter changed every 5 hours', etc. Whats the go with dirt bike maintenance? And do they need to be rebuilt all the time?
  7. Does it have to be sporty ??

    Have you considered a cruiser. :?

    Yeah i know you are thinking exactly what i did, im not riding one of those things.. !!

    But believe me, once you get one, you will be saying i should have got one a long time ago. Boulevard C50 is obviously my choice, and for around $10.5k brand new ride away, they are the best value for money cruiser on the market.. :grin:
  8. there's trail / dual sport bikes, then there's the high performance motocross bikes. stay away from the motocross bikes, as while they'd be a bag of fun, the maintenance would be a pain.

    Good dual sports to try are:

    - Honda XR400, XR600, XR650 (kick start only)
    - Suzuki DRZ400 (elec start, but would be more expensive)
    - Suzuki DR650 or 600 (pre 1995-ish is kick start only, post is better and elec start)
    - Yamaha XT 600, TT600 or TTR600 (XT/TTR600 will probably be elec start, but TT may be kick start only. TT/TTR are higher performance than XT)

    I've got a 96 XT600, and it is a bag of fun. It (and just about all the 600's) are a bit bulky for serious trail riding, but you can still have fun. The 400's are said to lack a bit of power for highway cruising. That said, my XT will cruise at 120 all day long, but it's not overly comfortable, as you have to hold on to stop being blown backwards. Despite that, it is my only bike and I have no desire to trade it for any other style of bike. Ask any of the brissie netriders just how far i leave the supersports behind on it! :)

    XR's seem to be a lot more common over here than XT's or DR650's, so you might find it a lot easier to get bling parts for them. As for genuine parts, you'll have no problems getting them new from a dealer.

    Hope that helps
  9. Yeah, if I was buying a second bike it wouldn't seem to make sense to just get another faired sporty... I'd be going for a trailie or a motard for a completely different experience.
  10. Loving the look of the deus manx.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up Phil. Will look into one when I get a SS, as a second bike.