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What screws for number plate?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wixy, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Taking my bike for a vicroads inspection and registration tomorrow. I dont have any screws for the number plate and they dont supply them. What size/type do I need?

  2. I use short nylock nuts (locking nuts with plastic in them) and short bolts not screws.

    The ones I use are about 15mm long and about 4mm shaft diameter.

    You can use a normal nut if you use a lock washer or some thread lock compound (if you use that don't use the really strong sets like rock one!).
  3. One that fits thru the hole :LOL:
    Look on your bike, it will have some holes for you to measure, but sometime you need to drill holes in the number plate as the holes that are pre-drilled are in the wrong spot.
    If you are going to VicRoads Dandenong there is a bolt place only 3 doors away towards Dandenong/Cranbourne Rd.
  4. lol and dont put ya rego holder in the middle /bottom of the plate
  5. You do that once the inspection is over :D
  6. You can put the rego holder on the bottom of the rego plate as long as the holder is mounted at the rear of the plate so that it cant swing up.
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  10. :shock: :shock: Ok , i have to ask . What does 1984 have to do with big brother?
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  15. I went to the bolt bloke in one of the backstreets of Ringwood and bought bolts with allen key slots and the nylon lock nuts. I used to use a spring washer to hold the nut in place in the past. :D
  16. It's an ermmm illuminating read... although I prefer Animal Farm by George Orwell...

    I just couldn't resist the pun though Vic LOL