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What rubber do you run?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Z1000, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. other

  2. bridgestone

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  3. pirelli

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  4. michelin

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  5. dunlop

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  1. Interested in what type of rubber you run? Add your type if you feel the need...

    I run Bridgestone Battlax front and rear and have had no problems with them at all...

  2. Dunlop Arrowmax's on mine (fzr 250). Changed to them about 2 months ago - previously on battlax's. A considerable difference in feel - the arrowmax's have much greater noticable grip for my little bike.

    (p.s. thought it would be wise to also mention bike - figure tires that are good for small bikes may not necessarily be good on big, and vice versa. And contrary to z1000's my nick does not suggest the bike that I ride).
  3. I run Pirelli Diablo Corsa front/rear 120/70 & 180/55 on my Ducati 748.
    I can't pick the diff in performance btwn these & Michelin Pilot Sports or Dunlop 207 (GP), but some fella's reckon that Michelin Pilot Sports Grip more than Dunlop 207 but let go earlier, where Dunlops squirm b4 they go to lunch. :?
    Pirellis don't seem to do either but I don't push them harder then their design parameters (not for the want of trying though).

    If a tyre cops a nail, would you change it (for a new one) regardless? Or only if it's on the tread, or only if it's a monster slash & bulging out?
  4. I've had Battlax's for years- find them to be great tyres.

    Got a Metzler on the back at the moment though-Pretty happy with that also.
  5. I have Michelin Pilot Sports on my CBR600. On my 2nd front and 3rd rear tyre. I changed the front after 15,000kms (it was completely knackered, should of changed it earlier). And I usually get about 7 to 8,000 kms out of the rear (which usually includes about 5 track days). I'm fairly light on my tyres compared to most.

    Other than when I was riding with the dodgy (ie. too old) front tyre, the Pilot Sports have been perfect - until last month when I experienced a massive power slide out of Turn 6 (Siberia) at Phillip Island. The slide was caused by heavily accelerating out of the corner while still leaned right over. Obviously this was my fault, but it has still robbed me of some confidence in the tyres, and I'll probably be looking for a softer compound next time.

    The Diablo Corsa that Marx uses are pretty good, but a bit expensive. I'm considering Bridgestone 012ss, but I haven't checked out the price yet. Other possibilities are a true track tyre like the Metzler Rennsports, Michelin Pilot Race or Avon Azaro Supersport II
  6. VFR800
    Michellin Pilot Sports Front
    Soon to be Michellin Pilot Road Rear

    Fantastic combo
  7. cbr600f4i - original pilot sport on front - 25000k's
    rear- pilot sport 1st, 10,000 then got 3 nails 2nd, 15,000
    Now running Pirelli Diablo's
    Same compound as the the Pilot Sports, but better tread pattern giving more even waer and preventing scalloping.
    Real pain on the pilot psorts, still had a fair bit of tread on the front, but it was like i had two tyres on the front with the way it wore.
  8. I was told (by Action Motorcycles) that the Pirelli Diablos were a harder compound than the Pilot Sports. And several reviews I've read on them (all favourable) seem to confirm this point.
  9. Get warm a little quicker and grip about the same all the way over. Don't wear as quickly, just more evenly. You may be right, only going on what pirelli and redwing have told me.
    Have more confidence in them after a few hairy moments though, so i guess i'm a little biased.
    You would be too, when you go around a corner with a dip, leading to both tyres being off the road for a fraction, and not even puckering up when you land, cause the transition was so smooth.
  10. hows that, we even have a poll now :)
  11. Yes I just wish more people would take part :?
  12. I was extremely happy with Metzeler MEZ4A's front and rear OEM tyres that came with my VFR800 before I got the Michellin Sport Fr / Road Rear.....

    The MEZ4A's saved my bacon a number of times.....
  13. Is this a poll or a discussion thread?
  14. BT 020 on SV 650S.
    Love em :p
  15. Battleaxe front & metzler rear
  16. i'm sure it could be both the poll just puts it in perspective!!
  17. You're new arent you?!?!?

    Here is the date of my post "Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 8:38 pm"
    It's very poor form to be quoting me 6 months later don't you think?
    This topic was done with, leave it that way.