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What RPM @100kmh 250cc only

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davway, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. sorry if its been done, but what RPM does your 250cc bike do when cruising at 100kmh in top gear?
    copy, paste and fill out the 4 items below.
    RPM @100kmh:

  2. BRAND: Suzuki GSX250F Across
    YEAR: 1994
    RPM @100kmh: 10,000

  3. BRAND: Honda VTR250 (Blue as they are the best)
    YEAR: Only the latest and greatest thanks
    CYLINDERS: Vtwin
    RPM @100kmh: 7,000
  4. this is my old bike:

    BRAND: Honda CB250
    YEAR: 2001
    RPM @100kmh: 7,500, but it redlines at 10,000.
  5. BRAND: Kawasaki ZZR250
    YEAR: 2002
    CYLINDERS: 2 (Parallel twin)
    RPM @100kmh: 8800 (Stock gearing - 45 rear sprocket)
  6. BRAND: Kawasaki
    MODEL: GPX250
    YEAR: 1993 & 1997
    CYLINDERS: 2 (Parallel twin)
    RPM @100kmh: 7500 (7800) stock gearing (+1 rear).
  7. My old ZXR250 sat at roughly 9000 when at a smidge over 100.

    I assume your worried about the seemingly high RPM whilst at spped.

    Whats more important than RPM (which is simply revolutions of the crank per minute) is how far the piston travels within that time.

    Piston velocity is what kills engines. The stroke (distance the piston moves inside the cylinder) on a 250 is very very short. Therefore the piston only travels a short distance within the given RPM.

    A 1000cc bike or a twin etc. will have a longer stroke, which equates to more torque, which in turn equates to less RPM required to keep the momentum up.
    However the piston velocity may be close to the same on both bikes.

    Redline is set at a safe maximum to ensure the piston does not travel too great a distance in too short a time frame.
    As long as your not approaching the redline to keep the bike at 100kmh you should be fine.

    In short, a 4cyl 250 will rev hard due to the short stroke, but this is completely normal.
  8. BRAND: GPX 250
    YEAR: 1995
    RPM @100kmh: 7500 even... redlines at 14,000 :shock:
  9. On my old zxr250 im not quiet sure but i know 14,000rpm was 170kph.

    BRAND: Kawasaki
    YEAR: 1989
    RPM @100kmh: Either 6,000 or 8,000rpm

    I can get the actual revs if you need me to but someone else will post up what they got on theirs.
  10. BRAND: VTR250
    YEAR: 99
    RPM @100kmh: ....who knows, i dont have a tacho :facepalm:
  11. BRAND: Honda CBR250RR
    YEAR:1991 (with 1997 engine i think it was)
    RPM @ 100kmh: Just under 9000rpm
  12. BRAND: Yamaha
    YEAR: 1987
    RPM @100kmh: 6,700

    BAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHH!!!AAA!!!! My bike is so shit!
  13. BRAND: Suzuki RGV250
    YEAR: 1989
    CYLINDERS: 2 (2-stroke V-twin)
    RPM @100kmh: 9000rpm

    BRAND: Honda CB250
    YEAR: 1981
    CYLINDERS: 2 (parallel twin)
    RPM @100kmh: 7500rpm (and struggling)
  14. BRAND: Honda CBR250RR
    RPM @ 100kmh: 10,000 Red lines at some something ridicules like 20,000rpm :shock:
    I think my bike needs some work. It goes 60kmh =6000rpm, 70kmh=7000rpm, 80kmh= 8000rpm....you get the idea.
  15. 8235rpm

    Back to school for you sonny jim!
  16. Nah its a straight 6,000 or 8,000. I'll go with 8k rpm because you reckon its that and would probably have a better idea of it then me. All i remember is that it was sitting at a number and no where else.

    Also wind and weight will change the outcome.
  17. BRAND: Kwaka GPX250
    YEAR: 2007
    RPM @100kmh: ~8k
  18. BRAND: Hyosung GT250r
    YEAR: 2007
    CYLINDERS: 2, V twin
    RPM @100kmh: it was 7k till i found the speedos out, so now its more like 8k
  19. What he said ^^^^
  20. Good point, I should note 8800rpm is for an actual 100kmh, not indicated speed (thats right, I bothered calibrating my speedo :p)