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What revs should I be cruising at?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spadamasta, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Probably a stupid question, but I've been riding my Spada for just under a month now (driving cages for 10 years), and I'm just not sure what sort of revs I should be doing. In other words what gear should I be in at 60KM/H? I always make my way up to 6th gear with revs about 5000, but is this low for my bike? Am I doing damage?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. Being in too high of a gear for the speed means slower acceleration, more load on engine (bad for it) and higher fuel consumption.

    The ideal rpm place to be in normal riding around conditions is to sit just before your power starts to come on. Someone with a spada will be able to tell you where that is.

    For my zzr, power starts at 8000, max power at 12500. So I cruise at just below 7000. It can do 5000-5500rpm at 60kmh, but theres just no power that low, making it unsafe, more costly and annoying to be in 6th at that speed.
  3. my Spada sits at 8500rpm at 100Ks in 6th

    60Km is about 6000 in 4th i think....

    generally at 60K i'm in 3rd or 4th dependign on perceived need for acceleration. in traffic 3rd so i can move if i need to, other wise 4th for around town riding.

    5th os good for about 80-90Kmh before the bike sound like it really wants to go to 6th.
  4. yeah, just as long as you ride and don't have the RPMS too low where you can feel the bike is "under load". Even the same model bikes engines can differ (as much as 10-20% at the extreme differences) so you just have to find the right RPMS for your particular bike not to be at load (i.e the motor sounds like it's straining...)

    Bikes are very personal :grin:
  5. It really depends on the bike. For my CBR she likes it about 8-9000 rmp while crusing no matter what gear or speed im crusing speed.
  6. ya about 8000ish on my CBR250RR,
    Gear wise.... um 3rd/4th maybe, defo not 6th
  7. This has come up before.
    Find the RPM sweet spot and ride just below it in whatever gear keeps you around the speed you need. You may need to be able to FOQ so dont labour the engine.
    Not so much as an issue with larger engines but it is for smaller hi RPM rubber bands.
  8. Spada eh? :grin: 4-6K for trundling along, 7+ if you need to be able to move, which will give you 9K odd if you drop a gear...and that's where it usually sits between corners when having fun. That's how my baby is anyway :)

    The other bike...wellllllll :LOL:
  9. if you think your in a too high gear (your revs are to low for your speed) open the throttle wide (if it's safe of course) your bike no matter what it is will have no poke at first then start to really take off when it starts to take of i generally cruise just below this. Don't do this to much as said before not good for the bike
  10. dont be afraid to whip it a bit!!
  11. agreed.

    i don't think there is ONE answer to the question.

    if just cruising, lower recs are fine. drop a gear if you need to give it a little more. if there's moderate or more traffic, sit just below, or just on your power. not only will you learn more accurate throttle control, braking will always slow you. but around other vehicles, i find myself in cars and bikes, being more comfortable/confident, knowing that if i need to accelerate for any reason, my bikes not going to "think" then go.

    if you're comfortably cruising in your lane, but are at around the front door of the car next to you, and the idiot beside doesn't see you and comes across, you should always be in a gear/rev range to accelerate out of trouble.

    accelerators can be a bad thing, but if the distance forward to safety is a thrid of the distance rearward to safety, then you should be in a position to get there without wondering why your rear wheel isn't doing what your right hand told it to.
  12. I normally cruise around at 8000-9000 on my GPX , when in traffic :)
    Power is ready to go and cages know u are around

    And I still get 4-5L/100M
  13. Thanks guys

    So basically I should ride at whatever I'm comfortable with, always making sure I've got enough in the gear to get myself out of trouble. And I shouldn't automatically cruise in the highest gear. Cool thanks guys. My riding knowledge has now improved.
  14. Yeah thats pretty spot on :)

    As long as you have enough revs on board to get yourself out of trouble if you need to...especially with a 250 because if they are in too high a gear or too low in revs your going nowhere fast...freeway usually put's most 250's in the meat of their powerband anyway so 6th is cool for freeway work

  15. Wow that not bad 5 Litres per 100 meters?????

    No really just wondering do you mean 4-5L/100Km or did u calculate it across to Miles???
  16. It'd be 4-5L/100KM, 4-5L/100 Miles would be AMAZING, especially doing 9K RPM! :)
  17. ey guys

    i got a hyosung gt250r. These bikes only rev out to about 12rpm and redline starts at 10rpm i think it is.....i generally cruise between 6 and 7 rpm. Is this ok? WHat rpm do you other hyosung riders cruise at?

    Thanks guys
  18. This is a great topic!

    What about my CBR125? What's the correct rev range?
  19. My VTR250 didn't have a tacho so without getting out the calculator I couldn't say the RPM exactly.

    For me it's really situation dependent, both on the bike and in the car. If I'm literally just cruising or moving with light/medium traffic, I'll usually leave the bike in the higher gears - as high as I can go without belabouring the engine.

    Tiger 1050 for example doesn't like to be in 6th below 60kph.
    The VTR250 had no problems cruising in traffic in 5th gear (top gear).

    If I'm in a situation which may need brisk acceleration, though, I'll sit in 3rd as a precaution. Raises the revs a little bit; has a lot more 'leverage' through the gearbox. Good mix between revs and maximum speed in gear.

    Situation dependent.