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What revs do you ride at?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kiko, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Well, the topic says it all really, how much work do you let your engine do when you ride?
    im normally sit at about 6k when just cruising along my redline is at 13.5k.

    cant even think what my revs would be in corners but if you spend much time looking at instrumentation on a corner let us know, i'm interested in seeing what other people like to ride at :D
  2. Half to two thirds of redline is normally "in the zone"

    Check out what RPM's your bike pulls maximum torque. If you can sit close to that you will be getting an enjoyable ride knowing the bike is performing at just about its best and you change gears to keep around those revs
  3. 3-5000 rpm for typical cruising. Sit on 4000 rpm at 100 km/h.
    Rpm limit 10,500 rpm. Mind you, this is a fairly torquey bike.
    Seriously, there's just no need to have a bundle of revs on for typical riding. IF the engine will pull cleanly from the rpms you are at, then all is fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I generally sit somewhere around the 10,000rpm mark, redline att 19,000

  5. well my tacho read a Whoping 0 with the occasional flicker up to 500... i'm geussing between 5000 and 8000 it redlines at 10000 but thats the only place i get any torque
  6. 6-9k out of 13k redline but mine is a two stroke.
    My RPMs go up but gears down in corners just so i cant feel the ummmmppp
  7. 3.5k = 120km/h on mine.

    seems to like sitting there too
  8. Nothing below the red line.

    Hmm maybe I should've told Flipper about the bike? :LOL:
  9. The Spada sits at about 8-8.5 k of its 14k 9or is it 12.5? meh) redline at 110 km/h on the highway. Through twisties I tend to keep it in that 6-8 range... the only time I really scream it is fast acceleration in a straight line. It's low enough powered and low enough geared that it's in top most of the time while commuting.
  10. zx2r sit around 5.5-6k rpm when cruising. any less, the bike is slugish and wastes alot of petrol
  11. depends where I am....

    If commuting I chill at about 7-8k rpms.

    On a ride, I usually hang in second gear 12-19k rpm, which is above the speed limit in most places and where max power and tourque is located.

    The bike redlines at 19k
  12. there's only one right answer...all of them.
  13. Gees! What bike you got?
  14. My ZZR600 redlines at 14k.

    Seeing as I'm outgunned by pretty much everything except postie bikes, retaining self-respect depends on riding around suspension deficiencies and staying in the richest part of the powerband.

    Hence the needle lives above 10k anytime we're up in the twisties.

    So...oil changes often, filter with each oil change, plenty of attention to shim adjustments...and always wear ear plugs to block out the sounds of a tortured inline 4.

    My poor bike...

  15. Redlines at about 7 (750 twin), 100k sees it about 3500 or thereabouts, just short of the beefed-up midrange - I have torque spread everywhere, so revs for me is not a biggie.
  16. Ezyryder I want your bike, what is it? lol
  17. The Bandit 1200 K6 sits on 4500rpm at 110kph.
    The Suzuki GSX1100G outfit sits on 5500 at 110kph.
    The Moto Guzzi V11 sits on 3500rpm at 110kph.
  18. Get ya own :wink: 1982 Triumph Bonneville - ride it in top gear from 25km/h or ring it's neck, fun either way! Revs aren't as important as torque in these boikes.
  19. rpms

    TRX850 is a twin, so revs don't matter. If it looks to be dropping below 3.5k though I'll change down.
  20. My VTR250 redlines at 11k. I tend to keep it above 4k (because its got no response under that) and change up at 6-7k. It does about 5.5k at 80km/h in 5th.