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what really is ce armour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. gday,
    So as the title says what really is ce armour and whats the deal with it?
    i did a serach but coulndt find anything useful (got a whole bunch of what seemed un related results)

    im just curious cos im lookin at my first leather jacket, and most seem to have it.

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  3. thanks for that.
    It was a bit limited in info, but gave some general detail.
    I was also hoping for some info on its application or recommendations. Is it only really needed for high speed? what about commuting? In that info you gave it lists it as the higher end armour, so whats the deal with indian, chinese and pakistani jackets saying they have ce approved armour? is it legit?
    anyone who posts a question can be directed to google, but i was after some 'realtime' unbiased bike experianced netrider answers
  4. Underdog leathers have ce approved armour and having seen it for myself and the different "grades" of armour I'd say if you buy from the more reputable lot then you'll get the real deal with armour.
    double foam insulated armour is better than single density for obvious reasons.
    Go more googling and you'll be beter informed for the "opinions" of other netriders.
  5. Emil,

    The following is a link from a British website which trys to explain the myths and truths behind CE armour and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Most armor available in motorcycle gear is Level 1, but not all! I have been researching back protectors (I do own one but don't like it much, it isn't comfy) and was amazed to find that quite a lot of well known brands offer back protectors which don't even make CE Level 1. Anyway happy reading http://www.bmf.co.uk/briefing/bmfBriefingppeformotorcyclists.html You could also visit http://www.tpro.co.uk/ and click on "technology" for a less lengthy explanation. Some of their amour even meets CE Level 2 but they have no dealer in Australia :(

    Good luck with your search.
  6. I love the jackets that offer "armour" that is simply some foam padding.

    To me, armour is hard. Hard plastic with foam glued to it for comfort.

    I'd rather be hitting the road from 3 feet in the air and landing on a hard sheel than on a double desity sponge.