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What really good iPhone apps are also available for Android?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. At the risk of opening up the Apple can of worms again (actually, even that is funny) what favourite iPhone apps do you know of/use/like/etc that are also available for the Android?

    I've looked on the Market Place and the choice is just bewildering, so I thought I'd shortcut the process by asking here instead.

    Fire away.

  2. Angry birds!
  3. DON'T DO IT!
    It would have to be one of the most frustratingly addictive games ever created and to make matter worse I’ve purchased the holiday edition as well - you'd think I'd know better lol

    If my memory serves me correctly cnet.com and it's Aussie version cnet.com.au have app articles like the 'Friday App Wrap' for all flavours of phone.
  4. try xda forums and mobilism and appbrain etc. if your looking around for andriod apps ;)
  5. shhhhhh! We had to waste weeks of our lives getting 3 stars on every level, why shouldn't I trick someone else in to the same trap?
  6. He was asking which of the better iPhone apps have been ported over to Android.

    He said that he's already scanned the market, but that doesn't tell you which iPhone apps are now available for Android, unfortunately.

  7. +1 and Robo Defense is even worse for addictive qualities
  8. Robo Defence has wasted hours and hours of my life. Great game.
  9. Google Goggles is not bad.

    GPS Booster is also very useful - it makes a big improvement to the slightly dodgy GPS on the Galaxy S
  10. Heroin ain't too bad either...

  11. another vote for angry birds.
    Tapatalk for forums as well.
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  13. Angry birds - worst game ever. I just can't stop playing the bloody thing. Where has my life gone. It's like crack on a smartphone.
  14. Enjoy Sudoku. I know there's a bunch of free sudoko's out there, but this is the bees knees. Had it on the iPhone and when I swapped to android was delighted to see it in the market place.

    I'm much more addicted to this than I am robo-defense or angry birds!
  15. ebay
    air control lite
    baseball superstars
    casino blackjack
    dope wars
    handcent sms
    google sky map
    google maps
    google navigation
    ringdroid ( for cutting up songs to make ringtones )
    sydney traffic cams
    trapster - a must
  16. If you like taking pictures of your bike, girlfriend, baby, mistress then grab Vignette, not sure if it's on iPhone but this camera app for android kicks ass, costs like $5 but well worth it imo.

    http://www.flickr.com/groups/vignetteforandroid/ - Vignette Photo Album (preview to what you can do).

    I also brought Tasker which is awesome but takes time to learn how to use it to its full potential.
  17. Might be a little boring but I use press reader alot. I know you can get it on android too. Download any newspaper around the world, or just a certain section of it. Updates each day (obviously). Basically a PDF version of the printed paper. Much prefer that to the heraldsun app or website.
  18. I wasn't talking about the Android market.