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What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territory?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dakotabre, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I was just speaking to my mum, who works in Darwin and also works in the outback NT, and is constantly faced with dangerous locals in very dangerous situations. I asked her if she ever carries anything to protect herself, she said that she didn't.

    By dangerous situations I mean, she's been punched and knocked over, her car has been attacked while she's sitting in it, while the locals try to get in her car etc..

    I would like to get her something she can carry and take with her that is legal so she has some form of protection. I don't think pepper spray is legal? Not sure?

    Does anyone have any ideas on whats legal or any other safety ideas that I could tell her about to try? Or does anyone know who I can contact to find this information out?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    I'm worried about this term "dangerous local"...care to share your inner thoughts?
  3. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    :roll: trolling again....

  4. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    To whom, I'm refering to in this section of text is not the point of this post. I am simply stating my mothers situation, and I'm wanting some advice or help on what I can legally give her or tell her to get or do for some form of protection, as I am concerned that she will get seriously hurt one of these days.
  5. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    Care to share yours?
  6. My uncle used to work as a cop in Darwin and Groote Eylandt.

    If by 'dangerous locals' you are referring to the indigenous population, the police response used to be to stand on the roof of their 4WD's with shotguns until the trouble passed.

    Of course this isn't really an option for your Mum but (for when she's in the car anyway) always keep the windows up and doors locked. If anything happens, carefully drive away and disregard the road rules.

    Most likely she won't be allowed to carry anything to defend herself outside the vehicle. A possible way around this is for her to get a security qualification that allows her to carry a baton. This can be either a positive or a serious negative depending on her abilities. It's all too easy to have your self defence weapon taken and used against you if you're not trained properly.

    Not sure about the laws up there though so maybe she should pop into the local cop shop and ask them about it.

  7. A few slabs in the car, each can thrown as a decoy while she gets out of there.
  8. fekkinell - Thanks for tip, unfortunately at the moment, thats all she's been able to do is lock the doors and have the windows up, but driving away is a bit hard when people are rocking her car, while some others of these people are laying on the ground infront of her tyres so she can't move :cry: So as you can imagine, it's very scary for her because she just has to sit there and wait for them to go away.

    Smee - I almost spit my coffee out all over my laptop, laughing at your response. I will tell mum your idea ;)
  9. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    Has she considered one of those personal alarms, or upgrading the car horn to an air horn? I'm thinking of the type which could wake the dead. :wink:

    Worried about the fact that indigenous Australians are in fact an over-represented threat to female Anglo-Celtic Australians, or worried that saying so might offend your egalitarian self-righteous fairytale belief that all races coexist in harmony? :roll:
  10. She can use what she likes as long as she wrestles it from the grip of the person who was trying to use it against her. ;)
  11. speed-demon - Thanks thats a great idea, by personal alarms, I assume you mean something to carry that makes a really loud noise - Thanks I'll look for something like that :) and the airhorn idea is great too, Thanks

    Please Note: That I did not wish to offend anyone with this topic, it can be applied to anyone who is faced with a violent or scary situation located anywhere, I'm simply asking for what legal defences are available. And the only reason I mentioned the location- being, the Northern Territory is because I thought someone may know the regulations regarding the particular state. Thanks.
  12. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm..sounds like KKK propoganda.
  13. whilst You cannot carry capsicum spray there are many other aerosol sprays that can be painfull if place in the right spot.


    as an example.

    You could also look at using cooking spray, its damn hard to blink of your eyes, or if they have contacts, impossible.
  14. Re: What protection 'devices' are legal in Northern Territor

    You've been asked to stop trolling, don't force me to flag a mod to remove your posts.

    (yet again) :roll:
  15. Thera - Fantastic Thanks!! I guess I stupidly didn't think of that fact that literally anything can legally be used in self defence... I was more zeroing in on actual defencive items ie- capsicum spray, batton etc, but your right, anything can be used I guess.. Thanks :)

    Mcbigg - Unfortunately my mum isn't the wrestling type haha, but perhaps she should take some classes ;)
  16. The problem with self defence tools like these is that unless you know how to deploy them correctly, you increase the anger and venom being directed at you. What might have ended as verbal abuse and threats might now be carried through to physical harm. And no amount of Deep Heat is going to persuade half a dozen tanked up locals to desist.

    I'm not sure what practical advice to offer other than perhaps it's time to move (and I'm sure there are good reasons why that has not happened).
  17. Thera's idea has merit, but just remember that while it may work under certain situations, it may make others worse.

    Violent people and people under the influence of drugs/alcohol react very differently to those who are calm and sober.

    My uncle once dealt with a guy who was under the influence of several drugs. Even the sedatives at the hospital weren't enough to knock the guy out. He had massive wounds to his head from a brawl he was involved in and was still fighting the nursing staff. It took 2 cops, 4 (male, no offence) nurses, and 2 doctors to pin the guy down while someone did a rough stitch job to stop the bleeding.

    Also, I worked security for a few years and I can guarantee that using violence will only result in more violence.

    My advice still stands, tell your Mum to have a chat with the local authorities. They'll be able to advise her on a possible course of action.

    Good luck and I hope she finds a solution.
  18. lol, ok, I'll spell it out for ya:

    Mum carries a knife/tazer/pepper spray/shotgun in the car. It stays well concealed until the time comes that she needs to use it. If the police become involved and a report is taken then she "wrestled it from the evil person who was trying to use it against her" and defended herself with it.

    Got it? ;)

    You didn't hear it from me!
  19. cejay and fekkinell

    - Thanks, you are both right, violence can increase a situation, I would just like her to have something to use incase she needed it. you know that motto 'be prepared' haha I will tell her to go see the authorities up there and ask them what they suggest.

    Yes Cejay, I wish she would move, well not move, but at least quit her job where she has to travel on her own into the outback communities, but she also does a lot of 'good' out there, and despite these nasty incidences, she really enjoys what she does and enjoys working with these people when they are.... whats the right words to use.... 'behaving themselves?'

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your suggestions and ideas, I'll pass them onto mum and get her to go speak to the authorities up there and see if they can offer some helpful suggestions :)
  20. also some of those personal alarms fit inside your hand, and some have a pressure switch on the flat side that would be palm out with the noisey part. if you get the opportunity to put it inside the palm and over their ear = burst ear drum. But IIRC they are considered a prohibited weapon in most states. The best defence she can have is a mobile phone, with 112 on fast dial. No amount of use this do that, is going to help, as mentioned if the other person gets what your using your in for a bad day.

    Also you can make capsicum spray, it doesn't make having possession of it less illegal.