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What problems do drivers have with splitting?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nakkas, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Just a spin off to the jealous cagers thread.

    I've had so many people tell me they had bikes who "weave in and out" and that kind of a thing. It seems quite a few people have problems with bikes splitting.

    Years before I started riding (even driving on my L's), I always made room for bikes to split. I've never had a problem with bikes splitting, although I still do curse riders when I'm stuck in traffic..

    Now what problems would drivers have with people splitting. I know all the benefits and stuff of splitting. I'll make a brief list.

    -not waiting in line like everybody else
    -they have damaged cars or mirrors in the past
    -makes it more difficult to change lanes
    -have to be more vigilant, in case you hit someone
    - a legit gripe is riders who just sit there with their arms folded once the lights are green. i'll always click into gear the lights before I need to go.

    I absolutely hate seeing riders who take ages to click into gear and hold up the traffic behind them. The worst was when I saw 3 cars on each side pass a rider who kept sitting on his bike, in between the cars. After he split to the front.

    I can't think of more.. Pretend it's a bike hating forum. Go nuts..

  2. That's less to do with splitting/filtering, and more to do with the fact that some people are just complete idiots. By all means, hit neutral and sit up, but be ready for f'ks sake. Same with cagers who go to neutral and put the handbrake on, then drift the hell off and don't pay attention. :evil:
  3. I just feel it's that much worse if you've split past them and then hold them up, than if you're sitting there in neutral dreaming.

    One of my reasons for splitting is that it doesn't affect anyone. You won't notice me zooming past you and by the time the lights go green, I'm halfway to the next intersection and you can do whatever the hell you want.

    For someone to split in front of you and then to sit there in neutral is just pure rudeness.
  4. I honestly cant relate to riders getting pi$$ed off @ cagers that dont give way when splitting. Ive never had a problem with cagers not giving way. Its quite often the opposite and they give way to me which results in a wave to them or giving them the thumbs up. :? [/b]
  5. They can't do it.
  6. 4 tonne tray truck had a major problem with me trying to merge let alone split. Yesterday on the Melb Ring Rd, I zapped the throttle to fit between him and a truck and he floored it to stop me!!! I just blatted up the emerg lane and found a spot to blend in.
    Later a guy in a super-duper turbo (Silvia I think) gave me a mile of space to fit in on a 2 - 1 merge in Thomastown. Gave hima big thumbs up.

    I've had taxis shut the gate on a split lately - they really hate bikes don't they!

    Just a case of I can't do that so I won't let you.......I think my 2 kids have more maturity!
  7. I think mostly it comes down to frustration.

    I HATE pr..ks that drive to the front of a queue of cars and then push in. I drive a cage to work and there is one intersection that takes about 20 mins for a Left Turn. (from Hume Highway into Stacey St, Bankstown, Syd). Even the trucks just drive to the font and push in.

    By extension, bikes are the same, they are pushing in.

    Now, I personally don't have a problem with it, and always move over, but my wife hates it because they worry her.

    She drives like a woman, listening to 'The Love Doctor' dreaming of her ideal man (not me), thinking of all the things she needs to do when she gets home (like get in the kitchen and cook me a pie).

    Like most women, she things that cars have three mirrors to make them look symmetrical.

    So when a bike shoots past her, it surprises and worries her.

    I am not saying she is right, just what I believe are the facts.

    Women - They're a strange breed of cattle.

  8. OK, ok, ok... I stalled it.... embarrassing morning that.
  9. they dont like us splitting cause they can't. just another form of roadrage really.

    cabbies alway nudge over so you cant get past them. ive got a mate a work who is a cabbie, he tells me, himself and most other cabbies make a point of blocking off motorcycles from splitting, then he told he delibratly ran a motorcycle off the road who was splitting causing the bloke to crash. i told him he was friggen lucky we were at work, cause me loosing my job was the only thing stopping me from decking him. i swear there is some sort of massive pissing contest between riders and cabbies...
  10. Cabbies are a**holes in general i find.
    Either in my car or on my bike.
    But in regards to splitting, i think most people are just jealous that they ahve to wait while bikes can just skip to the front. I know i get a bit jealous when im driving and someone splits but still, I always drive to the side to let them through. :)
  11. I have been riding and seen some wankers purposely move their cars in the way to stop bikes filtering, aggressively in some cases. I have been yelled at numerous times just for filtering to the front.

    I ride home along Hoddle St in Melb during peak hour, so all sorts of stressed out yuppies/wankers are all stuck in traffic all frustrated.

    Edit: I should add, some people are good about it and will move their car over slightly to let bikes get through - these ones get a "thanks" or a thumbs up from me.
  12. If I am comming up to a set of lights I will move to the left (if in the left lane) to allow bike to pass, or right (if in the right lane), the same on the hiway. The only problem I have is those twits that are doing faster than the speed limit when the traffic is sitting there waiting.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. +1 to that.

    As far as I can see, if you split or filter (and I do the former occasionally and the latter habitually), it's YOUR end of the deal to do all you can to avoid obstructing the folk you've just overtaken. It's also courteous to try not to obstruct any bikes coming through behind you.

    As for drivers getting wound up 'til their little springs go twang, it's jealousy pure and simple. I've heard it dressed up as concern over a "dangerous" practice and concern about mirrors and paintwork getting clipped, but, in every case, when I've kept the objector talking for long enough, the phrase "queue jumping" has come up. EVERY case.

    Jealousy I say.

    And I for one couldn't give a toss.
  15. being stuck in my cage at the moment i'm always looking at bikes as the go past making me jealous as.
    i have no problem with splitting and i think sometimes i might make too big an effort to move over but i'm of the opinion if i was on a bike i wouldn't want to wait for some nuffy cause he's a numnuts who doesn't ever look in their mirrors.
    and cabbies... well they are a#*holes to everyone
  16. They resent being surprised, being woken up. I have tried to explain this to people quite a few times and it's futile, you pretty much can't do it without accusing them of being incompetent, oblivious drivers. To them , it's like waiting around the corner and shouting 'BOO!'.

    Also, drivers have no appreciation that when a biker is 5 cm from their door, s/he KNOWS s/he's EXACTLY 5cm from the door. They (drivers) have that car driver view where something that's 'close' could be 40cm away or it could be going to hit them.

    As always, we are expected to operate around the limitations of the car drivers' perception and ability.
  17. Having the ability to split through stationary traffic is a sacred privilege that is not given easy, if a mental deficient cager gives you flack for doing the sacred car split dance, politely tell them, until they are truly initiated to the road, when all metal protection is removed, all shelter from the elements are removed, all protection from never ending belt sander known as the road is removed, when they realize just how vulnerable we are to the road, than, and only than can ones mind be opened to the reasons we split.

    or you can just tell em to get phecked

  18. i only hate the riders zipping through traffic doin 60-80kmh. i think dats stupid and unsafe
  19. Never bothered me, before and after I started riding. People who purposely block and even dangerously steer towards splitting bikes should expect a fist through their side mirror. Splitting is a privelidge of being on a bike along with being exposed to the many dangers associtated with doing so. Meaning if you have the balls to ride through a gauntlet of incompotent drivers you deserve to get to the front of the que a little quicker
  20. Not everyone has a problem with it. Did my 1st bit of real filtering today on my way to uni. Granted i was only going about 20kph, but still had no one try and block me or yell at me. What was a bit surprising was the amount people that actually moved over a bit to give me more space. Even if they were stationary and i got stuck behind them, they still tried to go over a tad more, cars and trucks alike. So Cheers to you people, wish we had more like them on the road :beer: