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What price Australian soccer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. We get into the World Cup on a sympathy vote to change the standard for qualification.
    We get beaten by a cleverer side, and all we can do is whine 'we wuz robbed'
    So we play in a lesser league, get held to a draw by one Arab state and then get hammered by Iraq :roll:.
    It's about time to draw down the shutters and get on with games that we are good at; AFL and Rubgy League.

  2. com place ment!!!!!
  3. i have to admit that aussie soccor has gone soft these last few yrs.

    bring back the ugliness that was the 80's and 90's, i say! :p
  4. Nah, lets just face it - soccer is a crap sport no-one here is interested in. Thats why we are so bad at it.

    Of all the major sporting codes in australia its the LAST one I'd be watching. I couldn't even been bothered watching the world cup.

    I personally find watching lawn bowls more interesting. At least you dont have to wait for over 90 minutes for someone to do something.
  5. i would happily put soccer away, never to be thought of again. i am always unimpressed when i watch it, it is an athletic sport for sure, but the skill in soccer that makes you a better player is the ability to throw a "dying cockroach" in front of the official to get a free kick. honestly, if i want to watch a bunch of sissy's running around sooking becuase phillipo broke his nail, i would attend the mardi gras. lets face it, netball chicks are tougher and harder than soccer players.

  6. And here I was thinking you were going to say "i'd go watch the doggies play league" :rofl:
  7. fan.
    thems fightin' words! :LOL: :p
  8. Unfortunately netball chicks are harder than a lot of blokes, full stop.
  9. Yep, soccer just doesn't mix with Australian sporting culture. Soccer itself isn't to blame, it's a very skillful game. It's a pity about the majority of b!tches playing the game. Like that corner post incident with Brazil where the bloke kicked the ball to his knee and he fell to the ground clutching his face. I mean for f#ck sake, if that's not milking a penalty I dont know what is, and he still gets the penalty!

    If Australia wants to be good in soccer, they'll have to start playing the diving game. And at that point, I think Aussies would be saying "get up ya bloody big poof!" (not that there's anything wrong with that :LOL: ) Tell me the whole of Australia wasn't saying that when the Italian took that infamous dive.
  10. Depends on what you want to do really, If you want carry on playing minority sports drop the soccer (by the way you do know its called football now).

    But if you want to play the rest of the world on a level playing field then its soccer all the way. Most of the world's first line players play soccer, I played Rugby (Union) because I couldn't get in the soccer team.

    If you think about it AFL and Rugby League are only really played here, League in the UK the only other Country that plays it at any real level plays it as a minority sport 3rd line maybe 4th behind cricket I'm not sure. As you probably know I'm from London and I couldn't even tell you where the Monarchs? ground is.

    The problems I've seen with soccer here is because anything British is seen as shit then people seem to think that they need to play like Italy and Brazil, which doesn't really seem to suit the Australian character.

    And the comment about playing in a lesser league show a complete lack of knowledge of the sport the Oceania confederation is a joke, Australia is much better of playing in the Asian league with real competition.

    If you want to win some thing then you need to win the World Cup (Notice it doesn't need Soccer in front of it), Rugby means you've beet the Kiwi's and South Africa, Cricket means you've beat some of the British Empire.

    Win The World Cup you've beaten the World.
  11. A lot of people like soccer you know....
  12. hey, I'm not denying the prominence of soccer as a world game, don't get me wrong. But we excelled at cricket right from the word go, and do well at other sports, just not soccer.

    I think part of the problem has been that anyone who's any good at the game goes overseas to play, and then when there are international matches, their clubs (and they, in some cases) chuck a sooky and say he's injured, and can't play for his country. Other nations see playing for their country as the pinnacle of playing, and many from those other nations would play with a broken leg if selected.

    And I don't think the A-League is the answer either, cos they're just playing to the converted. I just don't think, in that awful modern parlance, that soccer has 'connected' with Australians, despite the contrived trip to the World Cup.
  13. The problem with international games is that Australia when they were in Oceania kept playing Friendlies a great way to put the club offside. but now they have real international matches to play the clubs can't stop them or fifa tends to get quite upset.

    Also with cricket is wasn't really that hard, you only had to beat us...
  14. All except NERDS F.C.! :LOL: :cool:
  15. Fair comment in both cases. Do you know that we once sent an all-Aboriginal cricket team to England? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1868_Aboriginal_cricket_tour_of_England
  16. That is a part of the problem, but I believe it goes deeper than that.

    At junior representative level, we get the best kids from the district and the ego driven clubs and coaches (points are everything and winning is paramount) drive these elite kids and treat them and and talk to them as adults.................mostly abusively and have little motivation in actually improving skills or enjoyment of the game.

    Therefore, and I have first hand experience here, out of the squad of say 17 kids in an age group, you would be lucky to have a couple even still playing in the local leagues by the time they reach seniors.

    What a disgraceful waste, and all because of the drive for club points!!!!!

    No wonder in some countries they do not have organised football for kids until they reach 16. Germany and Brazil and I think Agentina are three countries that this applies.

    England, by sheer weight of numbers of pick up the cream, but I am sure there are countless "potential" stars in england that also gets tossed by the system.

    I love all football and soccer is another great type of game and ya just couldn't and shouldn't compare it with the other codes. Good football of any code is great to watch, but rubbish will always be just that!! (Wallabies 2 months ago!!)

    In the Iraq game, we just took the opposition for granted and showed no respect. We MUST learn from this

    Just my 2c
  17. What was the topic again?

    What price australian soccer?

    I think Jeff is our highest bidder so far....
  18. At least where Jeff and I live, participation level of soccer amongst juniors would equal AFL and both the Rugby codes combined.

    I never complained about the decision, that's the game :roll: Italy played a smarter game and we used up plenty of luck against Croatia

    We had a world renowned coach at the World Cup and now we have someone who used to play for Australia on the losing side when it mattered.

    Yeah those games we are good at are palyed by a few % of the world's population - and all you're concerned about is winning :roll:

    Some Aussie soccer players are earning a whole AFL/League teams salary cap, I'd say that's what winning is all about :p

  19. So, I guess a billion cricket mad indians dont count as much of the worlds population...