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what power restrictions do to a perfectly good bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lobsta, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. #1 Lobsta, Aug 27, 2008
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    that poor, poor, poor zx6r... it got beaten by a 1.6L car!! Usain Bolt goes faster than a 1.6L car...

    When i first watched it i didnt see the thing about the power restriction on the bike, and i was thinking "ok, he's gonna nudge it up into 3rd any time now..."

    It hurts me to see a bike in such a condition... :( :(


  2. Don't be too upset - a 1 tonne (mine was 995kg stock) mid-engine sportscar with ~140rwhp isn't too sluggish off the line.

    MR2s aren't yer grandmother's anemic grocery-getter hatchback. ;)

    (Actually, I'm more disappointed that the MR2 driver didn't appear to give the car much of a launch on the stationary start.)
  3. Under what circumstances would a ZX6R be restricted to 25kW?
  4. European Age limits Loz, like our lams, but geared to the riders age as to what horsepower is allowed. Can get a busa if you want one, but its gonna be restricted to the same power to weight ratio as the ninja.
  5. Ugh. Still, it allows the posers to pose right from day one, and would probably save some of those sorry bastards from themselves.
  6. Can they be unrestricted later on? That would be cool IMO.
  7. Yepyep.

    It's like LAMS, but maximum 33hp (now you know why so many 250s like the VTR250 have exactly 32hp) and you can use any bike that's either below 33hp or has been fitted with an OEM restrictoriser doodad.

    When you're done learning, you derestrict, and off you go.
  8. waste of space
  9. :WStupid:
  10. I remember when I was in the UK last summer (our previous winter) and the suzuki dealers were advertising new GSXR600s with the restrictor installed. The benefits are that you get the normal power curve up to the 32HP ceiling, so at take off it will still be responsive, as it is with low revs in a high gear (overtaking accelleration). The torque of the engines are not restricted.

    So you get a supersport 600, with all of the handling/brake/suspension/fairing technology, that you can de-restrict once you've got your fulls. The only drawback for the learners doing this in the UK is the extrordinarily expensive insurnace for these bikes.
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    It's not just any 1.6L nanna car...
    The 4AGZE 20V aint no slug to start with, and you can't see what mods it has.
  12. Seeing a downed zx6r not too long ago, to find out that the rider was on his Ls and the bike was likely written off.. goodbye 13 grand :cry: .. restrictions are a good thing.
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    Its actually just a 4age, (20v blacktop, quad throttle bodies) not a 4agze. "Z" would suggest its supercharged.