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What Polish?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by xcamx, May 21, 2006.

  1. I like the old turtle wax.
    Fast and easy to apply, nice and shiny without lots of buffing. :grin:
  2. I would never use any thing with silicone in it... (like the good old Mr Shean) It makes it SO difficult if the bike requires any painting in the future... Unfortunately almost every dealer uses Mr Shean on their show room floor :(
  3. haha mr sheen, shoulda used big kevs polish
  4. Meguires wet look or gold class does the job for me...although have had good results with Mothers too...also quick detailer is good for doing a quick wipe over and is great for visible hoses and black plastic parts as it brings out the black colour but is not greasy to the touch.

    To clean the wheels Meguires do a non acid wheel cleaner which i have found to be brilliant


    PS: K mart and autobarn sell all this sort of stuff and there will be others you can use this is just what i have used myself
  5. Whys that? Does it soak into the paint?
    Wouldnt just a light cutting pollish remove any buildup off the surface.
  6. thanks cruisingal :grin: , it only took a few hours :shock:
  7. I use Maguires Gold Class, been using it for years on the car and now on the bike.

    It is expensive, about $30 a bottle but there is nothing like it IMHO.
  8. i use plexus to polish my baby up and the good old rp7/wd40 to get all the gunk of the rims and polish em up too :grin:
  9. Haha I wish my bikes looked like you guys'es bikes, all nice and clean and what not :)

    In the last year I think I've washed my 250 about 3 times?
  10. I wash and polish my bike with the Enjo cleaning mits. Every now and then I will give it a go with some polish, not that it makes too much of a difference.
  11. And I was going to reply with "A person from Poland" :grin:

    Plexus here babeeeeee

    Once every 3 years or so, right Fleur?
  12. I use NuFinish... "The once a year car polish that still beads after 52 washes!" :grin:
  13. I use meguiars - gold class on the car but switched to NXT wash and NXT wax (still meguiars, just different formula) after reading an article in two wheels. It isn't cheap but works great. use their hand polish to pull out any scratches.
  14. Silicone is extremely difficult to remove and is extremely "mobile". We used to have this problem in the bakery I worked in - any presence of silicone makes it impossible to make sponges. The problem is that if you have just one drop of silicone somewhere in the room then given time it will eventually contaminate every exposed surface. So even if you clean the area you're planning on respraying completely - it can still be contaminated by adjoining areas (particularly bad when spraying multiple coats).
  15. I use multiple coats of genuine Carnuba Wax, maybe 4 times a year. In between waxes I use any of the car washes that contain real wax, followed by a chamois and a buff with a clean dry cloth.