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What pipes do you have on your ride? And why?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LPCIII, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Yoshimura

  2. Staintune

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  3. Arrow

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  4. Akropovic

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  5. LeoVinci

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  6. Two Brothers

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  7. Vance & Hines

  8. Stock

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  1. The only reason I ask is because I have Carbon Fibre Yoshi's on my SP2 and the reason they are there are because I like the look and the sound of them, and that's it. :) I don't know if that do much perforamce wise, so I was just wondering why people have / have not put aftermarket cans on their bike... Even if your a 250. :grin:

  2. Sorry guys there was ment to be an "other" option just incase I missed any of the major or minor brands. But I guess there wasn't enough space.
  3. Dunstall replicas. Ask anyone who loves older bikes why. Sound is fantastic!
  4. I have Termignoni Exhaust Mufflers. They have a funky sound and name to boot.
  5. Arata Titanium Race Full System

    7kgs weight saving over stock
    ~10rwhp gain over stock (once rejetted)
    Deeper aural note - less annoying to people when toodling around town at partial throttle
    Wails like a demon when at full noise
  6. Pipe Masters carbon can on stock headers.

    Excellent quality, and I bought it when PM were making pipes for Kev Curtain's all-conquering R1. They were also able to make it shorter so it looks bitchin', and they left off the name plate for me so it's just a carbon muffler and not a blinged-up billboard. Dealing directly with the manufacturer was cool.

    It's been on the bike for 4 years and still looks exactly like new: carbon discolours and is affected by UV and becomes brittle so quality is a big issue with carbon.

    Personally I feel there is a bit too much 'brand' addiction with pipes so I like having something unknown.
  7. stock... but it's scratched now so is definately looking out of place!!
  8. I have stock, cause I don't know enough about whats good for what bike etc yet. However, last night I was recommended to get a Madaz system for the Viffer, and that recommendation was then supported by a 2nd seer sayer.

    Learning all the time.

  9. Both my BMW's are stock. My Ducati has Ducati Corse 'straight through' alloy racing cans. They harmonise nicely with the airbox-less oversize carbys, and are....ahem....vocal.
  10. Stock, mainly because aftermarket mufflers for my bike aren't readily available here (big range in Japan though). That and the fact I reckon the cost simply wouldn't be worth it. I did repaint the original muffler and headers though :grin:.
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  12. Yoshi on mine - Named my dog Yoshi as well.
    Good sound... actually was on sale
  13. None of the above...

    The R65LS has Overlander pipes made in Warrnambool. Slight noise increase and a little more horsepower.

    And a fair bit cheaper than Staintune or original BMW ones.


    They do them for all sorts of bikes - and also a lot of bits and pieces as well, mostly for older bikes.

    Good service too. They made one up and sent it back to me within 3 days.
  14. Try Overlander in Warrnambool. They may have them for yours. If not then they may well make them up if you are prepared to let them use your old ones as a pattern. they quote $525 a pair for stainless steel GSX250 e/s

  15. wyleco shorty
    cos i got it way too cheap new

    and the gutted stocko sounded ghetto when i 1st got it
  16. Yoshis - Sound, looks, weight reduction in that order...'cos too much power can be enough! i.e. relatively new 'Busa owner LOL
  17. Yoshi

    The only two answers that you need :grin:
  18. I won't vote coz my pipe is not up there but I use a Roo Racing pipe

    Why: Bought the bike with it

    Sounds good and a lot of people(even riders) think it is a bigger bike
  19. Haha this is a funny thread, you guys don’t know what pipes should really sound like,
    One way to know is the $500 EPA fine, but the way you guys describe the sounds of your pipes kills me,
    should really be like this-
    ‘mine sounds like a dyson bagless @ 20zillion rev’
    ‘the guy at Godfreys recommended the housewife special for my bike’
    ‘my galvanised mop bucket muffler is made by Electrolux, sounds so cool’
    :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Megacycle pipe.

    Only put them on because I stacked and it snapped off eventually.