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What piece of additional gear would you choose?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Justin Stacks, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Jacket

  2. Gloves

  3. Boots

  4. Pants

  5. Who needs additional gear besides a helmet?

  1. No need for ATGATT comments. This thread is for none ATGATT riders.

    I find myself wearing less gear in the summer. I always wear my gloves even though I'm wearing just shorts and a t-shirt.

    The other day I saw a guy wearing his boots with shorts and a t-shirt. Just a jacket is a popular choice amongst people riding to work from what i can see.

    What one piece of gear do you find yourself wearing besides your helmet, if you're not ATGATT.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Without a doubt, Helmet & Box... you guys all wear a box right? :sick:
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  3. G-String.
  4. Going commando feels so much better ;)
  5. molded ear plugs :) with the shit Shoei TZR helmet or i go deaf
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  6. Are you crazy? Safety is important to me, All The G-String All The Time.
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  7. Is that what the Metal anchor points are on my VTR250 for?

    By the way to the OP, it's really hard to make the decision. It's a big "what if" hypothetical, am I going to crash? What type of crash? There are too many variables.
  8. Nah, they're there to anchor your huge man spuds, you ride a VTR.
  9. I always wear my thongs, even if I'm just going round the block.
  10. Okay, I have a confession. I don't ride the VTR much... this is my daily [​IMG]
  11. You bought that off Hornet didn't you?
  12. As someone who has slid down the road on my hand and arm with gloves on but only a tee shirt. I am very glad I had gloves on but wish I’d had a jacket as well. The nurse picking the gravel out of my arm is the most pain I have ever experienced (even braking my collar bone was less pain). I can’t imagine the what my hand would be like if I hadn’t had gloves on.
  13. You don't have to select based on possibly crashing. Just based on what you feel most comfortable/wanted while riding.

    For some reason, I don't ride without gloves even though I'm sure jacket or pants would be most protective. I just think it's kind of quirky.
  14. Hard to choose but if I had to pick definitely motorbike boots.
  15. Hmm, to me it just wouldn't feel right not to wear most if not all my gear. I guess at the least it would be a jacket with armor. But again, I'm not going to ride anywhere near what I would normally. For me the point is moot.
  16. Personally, I have made it my task to watch a lot of crash videos. A few of my rider friends hate to watch them, it gives them the heebie jeebies - I love it. It's all in the hope that it will both make me a better rider and hammer in the fact that even okay/good riders crash (even when they have the best bikes & all the gear).

    Watch this set of clips from Mullholand Hwy. This is why I'm so for most/all of the gear all the time. When you can crash like this and just walk away, your having a good day. Clearly this thread should be - Which part of your body would you like less "fcuked up"

  17. Doesn't really matter what sort of crash your involved in, it's a natural instinct to put your hand(s) out to the ground first. I haven't had an off yet and I'm always ATGATT but I was thinking if your hands have been "de-gloved" then you wouldn't be able to touch or pick up anything for weeks, compared to road rash up your arms where you could still function at least
  18. I'll vary it up. Boots is the last thing I'll put on and only usually come out for longer rides. Sometimes do shorts and jacket, sometimes do kevlars and a t shirt. Gloves I do most of the time but I also find them the most liberating thing to shed.

    I've also discovered that if I don't have my jacket, and especially in loose fitting shorts I get ultra paranoid about losing my wallet and phone.

    Saying that i do however ATGMTT.
  19. Crushing your ankle between the road and your bike at speed with only "skate shoes" on I think would be pretty gruesome. 200kg of bike + speed + your foot, pretty sure all that is going to be left is a smear of blood and toes. If you low side, I would say there is a higher chance of panic gripping on to the bike or going shoulder/elbow into the ground. Really depends on the rider/conditions & experience.

    At the end of the day, I don't want any part of my body grafted with pieces of skin from my arse.
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  20. mmm ... footwear of some sort ... I hate stubbing my toes and the gear lever hurts my tootsies :(
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