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What personalised reg. plates do you own?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User4, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Ok. Whats personalised no. plates do you have on your bike or car and what does it mean?

  2. I don't have a personalised numberplate but found this is the perfect spot to show a friend of a friends. The meaning is obvious if you have ever seen the internet site :LOL:

  3. I was going to buy plates for my bike for my own 40th birthday present next week that said 'Magic' but they are taken. 'BMagic' is still a possibility......
  4. well the one on the car says "EDGE U2"
    I'm sure you can guess what that means

    One for the bike? well I ordered it & should get it tuesday
    it's the name I've given to the hornet
    not saying what it is till I can stick it on the bike though!
  5. My car has MCAMBO on it.

    My name is Mark and my surname is Campbell. Everyone at cricket calls me Cambo.

    My wife has Jobear. She has a friend who calls her jobear and she calls her freind robynbear.

    Looking to get one for the bike and CAMBO is available.
  6. My car says "NOCKER". Funny about that as it's my name. But now my wife drives it most of the time and she gets some funny looks and antics occasionally... don't know why? :LOL:

    My bike doesn't have personalised plates... yet. :cool:
  7. mines too easy....


    in plain sight it looks like a normal plate - but my names Duke, so when you know thatyou'll work it out as 'DUKES'

    Originally wanted DUK-83 cos 83 is my bday and DUK-83 is more obvious to the brain to read out DUKE (because it starts and ends with letters/No. that resembles D and E) and bceause the brain raeds wrods olny uisng the fsirt and last chartacor - it mdae more snese.
  8. One day it will say MATTI it's my name :cool: :cool:
  9. MY-599, of course :LOL:.
  10. MIK

    Pretty self explanatory...
  11. My mate has NOMSEZ - no mrs

    my datsun used to have PRODAT plates.

    best ones i've seen though:

    FORD.... on a sandman.
  12. #12 Fuzzy, Feb 14, 2007
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    How about BLKMGC?
  13. When personalized rego. plates were first introduced to NSW, they had a ballot for the more popular ones and a young lady with a clapped out VW Beetle got JAGUAR. No doubt she made a killing when she sold them. What is it costing people for personalized plates these days? I know some plates cost a fortune and you have to pay each year, and even normal plates with your choice of letters and numbers now commands an annual fee as far as I know. It makes me wonder if its really worth it, especially as some people go to great lengths to cover them up when passing certain cameras mounted on poles on the side of the road. Its all part of customizing our bikes I suppose.
  14. I like BMagic, as in Be Magic :grin:

    Go for it BM :)
  15. :oops:

    Well my car had "YADADY" on it... as in "Who's your daddy?"... people said i should get "WHOS" for the bike :LOL:
  16. I wanted FA18 for the Hornet but it was taken...
  17. You should have got TASH, but I bet you didn't :).
  18. The plate on the ZX6R was KITZO (Greek slang for, Fool/idiot/mad/crazy)
    I had 2 bikes at one stage so I needed a new plate for the new bike.....

    So....the SP1 was born with ALITI (Greek for Lout)

    The SP1 was adopted out, ALITI now sits on the arse of the Firestorm.
  19. Oh my cousin had VITTU ummm that was for about 4 months untill someone realised it was a very bad swear word in finnish :shock: Vicroads asked for it back, he said it was stolen. :twisted:
  20. i was just wondering if someone is now creating a database linking forum posts to rego plates?