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what people think of upgrading to an RGV250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. this is the situation: I have a friend who's on restrictions (still a long time to go)... he currently rides a ZZR250 of which he is getting bored of.

    he's thinking of buying an R6 (or similar) to satisfy his weekend urges and keeping the zzr for legal commuting.

    I was thinking he might be better off upgrading to a mean 250 like the rgv instead.. what do u think? I havent ridden one myself.. how are they for general rideability and such?

  2. No insurance for his bike, himself, or any other vehicles or property he damages. Additionally, even if it's another persons fault (car pulls out in front etc.) he'll have an extremely hard time getting any money out of them or their insurance company because he's riding illegally. For these reasons, riding anything more than a 250 is an extremely big risk for him to be taking.
  3. no comment :-# ](*,)

    eat *hic* ze wagon wheel
  4. mouth - I definitely agree with you there... on that note, I do know someone else riding a 600 on restrictions and hasnt had problems (luckily?)
  5. 8-[

    the *ahem* stroker is the *ahem* safer choice. i wouldn't *ahem* recommend anything *ahem* bigger :^o
  6. Look out for the high sides on the RGV :shock:
  7. what makes you say that flip?

  8. That's really unlikey to happen unless you lack finess with your throttle control.

    Like most two strokers the RGV won't really move until you put it into powerband, somewhere between 7000-8000 depending on the bike.
    The first time I rode my friend's RGV it took off all of a sudden as I left the driveway which kind of scared me a bit, but within 10mins I was sweet and thinking of upgrading an RGV myself.

    I reckon you're mate should go for it but he just has to understand that it'll behave quite differently to his zzr.
  9. damn this talk of 2-strokes is making me want to hoon around on an RGV now :p