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What Parts To Get, And Where From?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Wacky, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My 2002 VTR1000 Firestorm is on 38,000km. It is running really rough these days, and I normally get Lloyd Penn to sort it out, BUT, I need so much done to it, I am hoping to do as much DIY as possible, and get him to fine tune and/or do the complex bits.

    I think the last service was about 3000km ago - unfortunately it does 15mins to from work each day, so I don't get many kms on it, and I believe these short trips are harsher on it. (I did have Lloyd replace the CCTs last service too to be on the safe side)

    What I need to do (and please add to this list if you think I should do it):
    Oil filter
    Clutch Fluid
    Brake Fluid
    Front & Rear Brake Pads (Lloyd mentioned these didn't have much left on them last time)
    Chain & Sprockets (was thinking about upping to 43T on rear) (again, Lloyd advised that it had only a few thou left on it due to poor maintenance by me/previous owner and there wasn't alot of adjustment left)

    Brake discs whilst I am at it (??? not sure how to tell if they need replacing/machining .. jsut calipers to measure thickness?)

    I also need to get a new indicator relay as I put LEDs on front and killed it. I want to put LEDs on rear as well. I just have to work out which one I need - I see on ebay 2 & 3 pin ones for this bike).

    One of my main issues, is to work out where to get all this stuff from. I don't mind buying from Aus retailers if the price is reasonable (happy to pay a little more to support local, but not excessive).
    I have seen good stuff from UK retailers online, but no single shop where I can get it all - or even say two shops to get it all.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of particular parts (I am still confused by the chains - length, x-ring vs o-ring, etc) or suppliers?

    Thanks in advance, and for reading all this dribble :joyful: :joyful:
  2. Oh, and when I got my first service with this bike (can't remember how many km were on it) Lloyd said the steering bearings were going ... I couldn't feel anything, but now, I feel it ... just as I stop, I can feel the steering move. So, I need a new set of bearings [​IMG]