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what paint is on my wheels?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by bikefanatic, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. hi all
    im wanting to get the wheels on my cbr250rr powdercoated. they are currently red and i am leaning towards having them black, for the simple reason that black is common place.
    i found a place a few suburbs up (in carlingford for sydneysiders) that seems to be a backyard operation, the guy only has a small booth bout 3 feet from memory.
    i rang him up and explained my situation and he was very helpful but needed to know what paint was on the wheels. he mentioned something about epoxy or conventional paint, and that one of them would be a real bastard of a job to get off, and the other would be easy. he gave me a few simple tests to try out but the bike in question is in mosman and i sort of need to know now.
    the bike is a cbr250rr, 1990 manufactured and i believe to be imported from japan, due to some stickers on the bike being in japanese.
    im wanting to know what paint was used for the wheels and possibly the metal used for the actual wheel, is that important?
    im going with this guy cause hes close and can fit me in, he said he did a set of bike wheels a few years back and hes prepared to take the job.
    he charges $40 an hour.

    sorry if theres too much unneccesary info or if this is a repost or further more a dumb question.

  2. Get em sandblasted, job's right!

    I got a quote for around $80 per wheel, I presume that includes preparation.
  3. is sandblasting a similiar principle to powdercoating and would a powdercoater, or abrasive blaster offer it as an alternative to powdercoating?
    by what i could gather from wikipedia, sandd blasting seems to clean it, is painting then applied after and how?
    and is price about the same for either sandblasting or powdercoating
  4. Sorry, I think I left out some critical details.

    Sandblasting is to clean off the old paint, giving you a perfect surface to powder coat.

    It will be more expensive, but you will get a much better finish.
  5. The Powercoater is more likely to put them in a vat of acid to clean them and them put some elbow grease to clean left over paint.
    If i were you i'd shop around and see what advice you can get from other companies.
    What area are you in? Just asking cause i have a friend who owns a Powercoating company in Botany.....
  6. scratch the wheels. If its thick, scratches easily with metal and a white layer underneath then alloy its 2 pack paint. Which is sometimes the importers repainting the wheels.

    If it hard and alloy is under the paint its powdercoated. which is the factory finish.

    Either sand blasting or paint striper will work fine. I imagine sand blasting would give a more durable finish throu better mechnical advesion/surface area but thats just a guess.
  7. i live in eastwood, sort of north west, near epping.
    botany is a bit out of the way, but is his business near the airport? and does he do both sandblasting and powdercoating
    would either of the two paint possibilities pose any great difficulty zbike?
    ill ring up the guy and see if he offers sandblasting, if he doesnt no great loss, but would it be a reasonable assumption that powdercoaters also do sandblasting?
    do you think i should go with the guy i mentioned before? does his rate compare well with others and do you think he'll do an alright job?
    cheers for the replies guys
  8. all powder coaters generaly do sandblasting as it goes toe in toe.
    Generaly because sand blasting is quicker and cheaper but needs more space over paint striper.

    Just as a side note u would have to use a softer sand blasting medium on alloy wheels such as plastic beads/metal beads as glass (what they normaly use) roughs up the alloy to much.

    I imagine if the guy doesn't have the sandblasting setup he would just paint strip it (using chemicals). which is a bit more labour for him.

    Neither paint will cause a problem as both can be removed with either method.
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  10. thx for the links gags, i had a glance at your project but will reading more of it, the wheels look great! i also read through the polishing article, and if i was to go down that path, i would definately use that as a guide.
    thx for the pointer on the blasting medium as well zbike, and do you run ziongardens, the spary place, just recognised your name from the email address, if so the email about the resprays from me :)
    the guy told me he had shoulder surgery and needed several weeks for recorvery, he said hed be right starting from about middle august, but obviously i dont want him straining himself so ill probably paint strip the wheels, save him time and me money.
    i'll ring him 2moro, start ironing out the details.
    thx for the replies
  11. Yeah taken me a while to reply i couldn't decide how i would go about doing that red out line. As theres at least 4 diffrent ways to do it.