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What pain killers work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    My last stack has made me think about what are good pain killers to take, both prescription and non prescription.

    For a prescription drug, I have found 'Endone' to work quite well in pain reduction with a good mental calmlative effect.

    Non prescription, I have found that Panadeine Rapid disolvable (Panadol Rapid is almost as good) is the best, works in about 20 min and lasts for about 3 hours.

    Usually pills with codeine in will cause constapation but I haven't found that to be the case with Panadeine Rapid disolvable.

    Anyone got other idea's?
  2. no ideas as yet, but glad to hear you're remaining regular :busting: :rofl:

    i have a super high tolerance to pain killers so i wouldn't know... i can be stabbed in the ass 3-4 times with morphene before i actually conk for surgery
  3. Yeah I just use this stuff call Codis, which has codeine in it, is dissolvable and works really well.

    That is just my rocommendation for non prescription.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    probably cause you're not being stabbed with the right equipment...

    get well Johnny
  5. Thought you'd want to know :wink:
  6. Thanks Dude :grin:
  7. Bourbon.
    Failing that, more riding.
  8. Was actually doing the Jim Beam & Endone for a while but my 'drunk dialing' was getting me in too much strife ;-)

    Riding just made it hurt more! Specially when the cruches would fall off the scooter and try and polevault me off!
  9. Just steal your mums prescription shit
  10. Asprin will thin your blood, so if you have grazes or gravel rash you may not want to take Aspirin.

    Panadol is same as Herron and homebrand painkillers - look for "Paracetamol" on the label.
    Make sure you take the recommended dose, and usually with food [or at least a glass of milk].
    Food does not deaden the effect of the painkillers, but rather slows the absorbtion so that you are pain-free for longer without re-medicating.

    Paracetamol tablets can dissolve causing ulcers if not washed down properly so a bit of bread and a biscuit to help push any tablets down is a good idea.

    It will take 40 paracetamol tablets in a single dose to kill you. Expect liver damage after about 30. If you need this many, you should be in hospital.

    You can mix paracetamol with things like Neurofen, Ibuprofen etc. But not in large quantities - ie. if you've taken 2 Paracetamol with no effect, and take an extra 1 an hour later, you can take a Neurofen or 2 to help out with pain relief and that's fine.

    It's an advantage to take Paracetamol with food.
    It is a MUST with Neurofen.

    In the territory of prescribed pain-killers, you've got your Panadeine Forte etc. These are prescribed for a reason - your doctor knows best. Depending on your level of pain, Panadeine Forte will pretty much be "Take one [or two: depending on how big you are] tablets with food at mealtimes. No more than 2 tablets in 4 hours".

    Again, with these types of painkillers, because they are for managing serious pain, dosage depends on your body-mass, the extent of pain and where, and how long you will be taking the course of medication for.
    In some instances, masking pain with powerful medications is NOT a good idea, ie. you don't want to do more damage to a semi-cracked bone, or slightly fractured ankle because you can't feel it.
    Pain lets us know something is wrong.

    Lastly and most importantly - do not prescription medicate yourself based on advice from bulletin boards on the internet.

    Anyone can pm me for contact details of a good surgery with some very experienced docs in Sydney - my father is a general practicioner there.

    Alcohol is safe to mix with paracetamol :grin:
    Alcohol should not be used after a stack as it thins the blood also, AND may mask signs of a concussion which may compromise correct treatment.
  11. Ktulu, why are you in sales? You should just realise your fate and become a Med-stick. :)

    Oh, and
    trust that to come from your fingers. :grin:
  12. Hey, people are already prescribing bourbon in this thread - just figured people should know if they're going to think about that AND stuff from the pharmacy.

    Alcohol not a good idea with anti-biotics btw...
  13. I like Ibuprofen. I buy the generis stuff in bulk from teh Pharmacy by mail places (I don't use it a lot, it's just cheaper).

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Oh and paracetamol is the most gentle if you have an upset stomach, or are feeling nauseous.

    If you're crook like that, you may just throw anything else back up [sometimes you can't keep anything down, but if you've got a shot at keeping anything - it's paracetamol.]
  15. Paracetamol is also about as useful as tits on a bull. You'd get more pain relief from a shot of vodka.
    Codeine resistance is also quick to develop so if you're in pain for more than a few weeks (or even days) the codeine based pain killers will become less useful.
    I find nurofen plus quite good but in all honestly I don't bother because I don't find any of the over the counter remedies particularly helpful. The level of pain they alleviate is so low that you could be referred to as girly man for even thinking about pain relief. When you really deserve to be crying in pain, short of prescription drugs, there isn't a whole lot.

    The handful of times I've had severe crashes on the dirt bike, I relied on some nurofen plus, a few shots of vodkas and a big fat joint. Pot works wonders as a muscle relaxant and in combination with the alcohol and anti-inflams knocks pain on the head fast.
  16. I tend agree with what you say, when you're lying in the hospital bed and the nurse say's "do you want a Panadol or an injection"....... for christs sake, I've got broken bones floating around inside the leg, you can shove those Panadol up your a#* !!!! :wink:
  17. bullet to the head aparently stops pain permanently
  18. Take 2 for best results?
    ...may impair driving ability :)
  19. Don't combine alcohol though, someone else might get shot :shock:
  20. What I liked about this topic:

    The fact that the question was asked, always a good thing.
    That someone mentioned asprin thins the blood, not a good thing if you end up bleeding but a good thing to help ward off cramps on longer rides.
    The mention of what you can take after taking something else, good info.

    I use panadol rapids or nurofen "before" I hurt, usually two before I head off and one each fuel stop. However fuel stops are 400-500k apart and I am talking 1500-2500k days.

    What I didn't like about this topic:

    Even in jest, drinking and riding to not go together. I can drink many people under the table but never before or during a ride. Party after you get off and have it parked for the day.