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What P-Platers are really saying: Revealed!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zeker, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Let's face it, draging the idiot fully sick VH commodore (Or equivalent) off the lights is great fun. So imagine my excitment when I was put on the otherside of the viewing glass!!!

    No matter how many times you flog Mr. Half-a-Dollar off the lights and embarrass him in front of his friends, he comes back for more, why???

    Recently, my bike's front brakes decided stopping wasnt on the agenda and sprayed the nearby truck's side's with yellow brake fluid. Nice. After surviving the heart attack inducing experiance of riding in peak hour without the ability to stop quickly, or even slowly really, I crawled into my local mechanic and quickly made arrangments to have the problem fixed. Good stuff.

    Getting back later to more work and phoning a few friends and making many false promises, somebody came through offering a lift with his girlfriends older brother. Sweet. Until I met him. Nice enough bloke. Except for the slighty off tilt cap, skate shoes, jumper with furries (In summer) and shorts somewhere around the ankles. His fooli sik ride was a VY Commodore that had being repainted in a ridiculous pearl purple colour. His Rims where big and shiny, and his rear windscreen was little more than a billboard for popular brands. Minus the rent. He had racing bucket seats, and turbo dials out the wazoo. Curiously, no turbo though("Just waiting for it to come in"). We said our G'days, I thanked him. He asked where I needed to go and all seemed cool.

    It didnt stay this way for long though and he promptly dispatched an elderly couple from one set of lights to another, demonstrating the power of a real man. He-man he was, needing merely one arm to wrestle this beast of a vehicle! Soon enough the inevitable happened!

    The on ramp to the Hume Highway found us alongside a simply beautiful Ducati 996. Either the rider washed an' polished after every ride. Or it has crept out of storage for summer. He-man decided, despite my suggestions, his Ferradore could easily defeat this slightly larger than averge scooter! Revs, failed to attract the attention of the rider, and winding down the windows and jeers directed at him earnt He-man mere glances. He-man had this scooter licked! Wrong. With a harrowing growl from the direction of the Ducati, an awe inspiring roar was let loose, and the already deafening boom from the large Termignoni's transformed into a noise which can only be described as a Bear and a Lion having a pissing contest.

    The car indeed launched forward with surprising ferocity. Unfortunately, the noise was somewhat of a farting drone. At first the car and bike were neck and neck. Then the lights turned green. By the time the car reached half of the distance of the on ramp, the Ducati had excited the ramp and was out of site around a bend! The car speedo was at this time reading a somewhat respectable 130, a feat which even my ZX2R could achieve!

    Now for the kicker! The next words to be uttered in the car where "Towards the end I was pulling on him" followed by "If the road was longer I would have had him" He-man failed to realise that even if he hd been "pulling" on the Ducati (He wasn't), he had to also make up around 20 car lengths (He didn't) These rambling excuses went on until we screamed past the Ducati around 5 minutes later at around 160. Loser-flybys are the best why to prove how gigantic your penis is.

    No matter how much you destroy the next car by at the lights, they will always have an excuse to come back for a harder whipping. Thats one of two truths. The second one is far sadder. The second one is my best friend died 3 days ago on his bike, dragging a P-Plater off from the lights. The onramp (same one) was meeting the highway, however, a Semi was on that same highway. The car driver, seeing no choice, moved into the emergeancy lane, which is where my friend was. He washed off enough speed to get to around 60 and hit the barrier. For what ever reason fate decided that 60, an entirely reasonable number to crash at, was too much today. So he died. Just something for everyone to think about.
    Cheers for reading.

  2. when your numbers up, its up.

    sorry for his families loss.

    i mean people die falling over on the sidewalk.... rather go on a bike at 60 than falling over on the sidewalk.
  3. Great storytelling, sorry to hear about your friend at the end though.
  4. Great read mate, really nice insight into the mind of the weak.
    I have to say that I never stray away from a good race on the old R1 but with after reading the end of the post about your friend, I think I have to really reconsider my actions.

    Thank you
  5. Yeh definitely sad, but is an eye opener for people NOT to drag/race on the streets and do it on a TRACK.
  6. proves more than a point of street racing being stupid.. and that most dunnydore owners are.
    filtering is the best from of racing.. aint that right mr black wrx on beecroft rd this morning.
  7. Condolences for your loss Zeker, and to your friends' family ... can't imagine that was an easy (but well-written) story to write either ... thank you for sharing
  8. I concur.

    As for the first part of the story, your words are 100% spot on. I let them go, in hope of a greed camera or police car further up the road.

    Ride to survive!
  9. My condolences Zeker.
    It's wan&ers like that driver why I shy away from a little fun race. They have no concept of "fun" and/or loosing ... they just keep accelerating until you slow down and they shoot past you.
    I've had peopel take off on red lights just so they would "beat" me ... last one was a woman ... in a crappy old van - and I was only in the other lane because I intended to enter the bike shop just after the lights.

    The only unfortunate thing is that - just like in the case of your friend - society as a whole looses out because it's usually not the wan&er that gets taken out.

    Seems to be ignorance too I guess. What I'm trying to say is that they (the wan&ers) don't really know that much about bikes ... an R1, ZZR250, etc might all be the same to them?!

    Sometimes, like this morning, I really wish we could just shoot certain people and thus drastically increase the overall intelligence of the human race ... hmmm ... must be those German genes in me :)
  10. Sorry for your loss mate, my condolences to the family. I hope this thread wakes a couple of the younger riders here up, i know it's going to make me be more aware on the road and help me to think twice before cracking the throttle.

    This is the most annoying thing on the planet. The worst part is I'll get pole position without trying to race them so i often have to buffer left once i reach the speed limit as they come shooting past me.... :roll:

    I wish there was some way the public could act in order to make these hoons lose their licences. I've come close to being taken off while i was on LAMS by the hoons shooting past while they raced each other on the highway... the worst part is they don't realise that it's not only their lives that they put in danger... 2 tonnes of metal do alot of damage.
  11. just remeber though that wa*kers are available in all ages. young girls are the worst these days. the next mirage that tries it on with the er6 im going to just have to just lick their windows in hope they will bugger off.
  12. Great read, sorry about your mate :cry:

    My condolences Zeker and to his family
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Was going to tell you guys a storey of a race i saw last week, but now doesn't seem cool/exciting anymore, we sometimes forget how precious life is.
  13. That was funny, the guy you got a lift with is a douchebag, and sorry about your friend.
  14. Awesome story... Work on the ending though, it's a downer.
  15. Sorry about your friend mate :cry:
    There is a message in there somewhere.
    It just aint worth giving in to these wankers, we really don't need to prove a thing.
  16. Sorry to hear of your loss.... I have also had a mate die in a road accident so I know how you feel.
    When your young its so easy to do stupid things and unfortunatly the only time you realise how stupid you were is if you have a very close call or you have a good mate that dies.... I'm sure the bloke that you got a lift with will one day realise that he is/was a goose.

    I remember my first race against a bike about 5 years back when I had just had my car done up, giving it about 184kw ATW (210 at the engine) while weiging just on 1000kg.... I was driving along when a bike (a 250) came up beside me coming into a round about, we had to stop for some cars when all of a sudden the rider called out to me.... it turned out it was an old mate who had fairly recently got his bike, we were both about 20 years old at the time and the temptation to test out our machines in the following straight was too hard to resist. The problem was that my old mate had no idea that I had done my car up, this would become a problem....
    so he screamed off, beating me off the mark of course but before long I was coming up right beside him in 3rd gear about to change to 4th, by this stage we were flying.... then all of a sudden he swerved into the right lane (the lane I was in) obviously assuming I wasn't there and that he had easily beat me. I had to slam on my brakes, locking them up. It was a very, very close call and to this day the thought sends shivers down my spine, I could have killed a mate, nothing worse.

    You can't tell them, they just have to learn unfortunately.

  17. funny you said that.
    I feel exactly the same. we know >250 bikes will easily dust car.
    So I never worry to prove it. I KNOW!
  18. That being said, I still don't think i'd look too good as a hood ornament of the next performance car that i decide to drag.... I think this is where common sense needs to overtake pride and adrenalin.
  19. :LOL: