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What out of coverage iPhone GPS app for motorcycling in Tassie?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by friction, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. As I'm sure you know, the non-Telstra coverage in Tassie is pretty crappy, so Google Maps isn't going to work. Also Google maps doesn't let you plot a non-direct route.

    I don't care about 3d views or voice instructions, Google Maps at a distant enough zoom is fine - I just need to be able to plot custom routes and have it work when there's no coverage. Any thoughts?

  2. Re: What iPhone GPS app for offline use in Tassie?

    Get a GPS?
  3. Re: What iPhone GPS app for offline use in Tassie?

    So friction, what you're after is a standalone app for the iPhone that will act entirely as a standalone gps? In that case, there's some money involved ($40?) and search the app store for tom tom or similar.
  4. Yeah I'm happy to spend some money, just not the many hundred for a gps on it's own. The app store lists heaps of apps but obviously you can't trial them, so I wondered if people had iPhone gps apps and whether they have things like route planning (waypoints etc), birds eye view ala google maps, good tassie coverage etc.
  5. tom tom is ok but not of the quality of a proper GPS
  6. what are the difference???
  7. I have the tom tom app and it works well as does the co-pilot app which I actually enjoy working with more as it locks on better.
  8. i bought off flea-bay a gps program for my android phone, it downloads onto the micro sd card so can use it in times of no coverage.

    I am sure there are iPhones equivalents you can google or search for?

    I tested mine today and it works great!
  9. my standalone gps app for my nokia works when there's no phone signal. they use satellite rather than WAP. i'm sure there's more than one or two on the market for the iPhail
  10. I second stewy, what ARE the differences with a real TomTom?

    Mmm co-pilot, I hadn't looked at that one. Apparently it does 2D driving views, speed-variable zoom and pre-trip planning, nice. What's the deal with updates and new roads, do they just come as free updates to the software?

    Do you know what mapping service it uses in the background? i.e. Google uses Tele Atlas apparently.