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What online forums do you use?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. Netrider and other web based bike forums

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  3. Web based bike forums and Usenet "newsgroups"

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  4. Web based bike and non-bike forums and Usenet

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  5. Web forums (bike & non-bike) and IRC

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  6. Web forums (bike & non-bike), IRC and Usenet

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  1. As the title suggests, what online forums do you use? Usenet, Netrider, general web forums, what? If you have a minute, please do the poll.


  2. I'm a regular on a few design forums, one "general discussion" style forum (i.e. it doesn't revolve around a particular pursuit, although you could say it's aimed at gadget and pop culture geeks), and one gaming forum (but only because I designed the logo haha).

    I also use IRC, but not too often these days. Been using it since '96, so it's a tough habit to break!
  3. I only belong to Netrider \:D/
  4. I belong to the GSX1400.org & now netrider!
  5. My only other is http://ars.userfriendly.org

    A great one for other geeks out there: It's all about IT, and a small ISP called "Columbia Internet".
  6. Sonja, are you in the IT Goddesses calendar? :p

    I used to read User Friendly back in the day, but there came a point where I couldn't stomach the art anymore :(
  7. I only really post here and a little on two others now but i used to post on heaps of other forums under another alias.
  8. Say what?

    And no, I'm not. (Wish I was, wish I looked like that...)
  9. Netrider and KSRC, gotta stay true to Kwaka :)
  10. I lurk on a few other bike forums but mainly post on here for bike stuff...

    Apart from that, I'm on a couple of paintball forums as that's where a lot of my spare time and money went before I got my bike... :eek:
  11. :? The poll doesnt display much diversity in its options.

    What the hell is Usenet?
  12. Its where you "use the net" to find out answers to questions, like searching for the term in Google or Wikipedia.
  13. :roll: :LOL:
  14. I read Illawarra Riders for local rides.

    Apart from that...............
  15. Web-based forums (fora?), both bike and non-bike.
  16. I tried to list as wide and diverse a selection as possible. Do you think that I've not done so? What have I missed?

    Usenet is a text based medium of discussion groups. Each discussion group is called a newsgroup. The equivalent here would be "General", "Off Topic Stuff" and so on. You use a client which logs into a server. From there it downloads messages from newsgroups that you subscribe to. You then read, post and reply to messages. The client then uploads your posts and downloads new messages. Sort of like public email. A lot of motorcyclists read a newsgroup called "aus.motorcycles".

    Usenet pre-dates the world wide web, which is the medium that most people have only ever used. Other "components" of the internet that pre-date the web is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Telnet.

  17. Heh, now that brings back memories. I first used irc, telnet, usenet in 1990. Up to my bloody 16th year of using the net! Don't forget people used to use gopher and archie as well. They rocked in their day :grin: