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What one piece of gear do you never ride without?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by middo, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Obviously other than your helmet.

    Is it gloves, jacket, boots? Leather pants? Which piece do you really need.

    I went for a quick cross town ride today to buy a few bits and pieces, and just grabbed my helmet. I felt a little naked, because I was wearing no protective gear. The piece I missed the most - my polarised sunglasses. I found it difficult in the sun glare to not squint, and really missed them.

    What piece of gear do you always ride with?
  2. A bike
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  3. Could never bring myself to ride in flip flops. Even if it's down the road, so yeah covered shoes at a minimum, at least if you need to bail at slow speed you could still land on your feet and walk away.
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  4. Gloves. I hate stumps.
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  5. Gloves and jacket. On an exceptionally hot day I'll commute in shorts and sneakers, but gloves and jackets are an every ride item.
  6. Boots or gloves. Not be able to walk or not be able to wipe my own arse, hard choice that.
  7. Gloves.. my job and way of life could not work without the use of my hands..
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  8. Gloves and boots.

    As someone said, you can't wipe your arse with a stump. No way to hold on to the toilet paper.

    And just the thought of grinding my ankle bone into mincemeat on a lowside ain't that appealing either...
  9. When I ride around my street for practice it's a quiet area I just wear my helmet and only other thing I wear is my gloves never leave home without them hehe, oh and my fluro orange jacket :)
  10. Whats toilet paper?
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  11. what? you wipe your arse with your balls?
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  12. Don't try it mate I was answering title not yours lol
  13. Gloves and boots and a jacket, but I am paranoid. But since I have two of everything my wife would sell them on eBay if I left home without them.
  14. boots or shoes if just ducking up to the local shop and gloves
  15. Roadside recovery (compulsory for BMW riders).
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  16. My brain.
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  17. Gloves (the controls feel wrong without them) and boots (it hurts to change gears without them due to an old motorcycling injury).

    Oh, and of course my specs. Because depth perception is important.