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What on earth have I bought?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Viator, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to the forums. I've joined up because I've gone and bought myself a bike and want to fix it up and start riding.

    Can anyone tell me what year my bike is? It's a GPX250 that I bought on impulse because I thought it was cheap and fixable. On the frame there's a little plate and on it is 03/01. Does this mean it was made in march 2001 or do I need to look elsewhere for the year model.

    Thanks in advance for any replies I get to my noobish question. Hope to get her up and running asap so I can come on some Ls and Ps rides :grin:

  2. LOL noob
    and yes
    other than that the model hasnt changed much if any (apart from very minor diffrences,switchgear additional filters ect) 1986-2007
    so if you are after parts any gpx parts will do.
    not to mention any ZZR 250 engine parts will also be fine.
  3. Awesome. I know I deserve the noob comment, but I'm glad to get the confirmation because the last owner thought it was a 97. She didn't have much of a clue.

    There's a few things on the bike that are pretty suss e.g it came with two number plates :?

    It also has only one exhaust pipe on it (RHS), is this a mod? because I thought all the GPXs came a pipe on either side.
  4. Hi mate,

    Two number plates could mean that bike was taken from vic to nsw for example and she didnt hand the plates in...

    Yes probably a performance pipe, the bike is not overly loud is it?

    Regards and have fun with it :grin:
  5. Two number plates...? :LOL:
    Assuming it's not stolen, sounds like it's a bitsa made up of two different bikes. Putting 2+2 together, it probably started life as a '97 and now has a frame from an '01
  6. I really hope it isn't made up of a few different bikes, who knows though. As for the exhaust, it has a plate on it saying 93db @ 5800rpm. Now I think I heard somewhere that legally it needs to be 90db or less. Hope they don't pull me up when I try to get a blue slip.

    I'm spending money on little bits and pieces to fix the bike, and soon I'm going to fork out for new tires, I hope I don't spend all this money and then have the RTA tell me I can't rego the bike coz it's dodgy.
  7. Might be an idea to check the vin numbers and rego with RTA or maybe Revs before you spend to much money and find out it will cost more than you are wanting to spend.
  8. the db rating is under the seat.. not sure what it is but is less than what you have i think
  9. Yea under the seat it says 90db @ 6000 rpm and my exhaust says 93 @ 5800. If 90 is the legal limit hopefully the blue slip guys will let me get away with the 3db extra.

    As far as REVS is concerned I did a check on it over the internet and it said no encumberances which is a good thing but I think it said the engine number and vin don't match. I'm not that sure how to interpret all the jargon it gives you after you put in the information.

    Thanks for all the comments guys, appreciate the help and the interest.
  10. if you have to get a blue slip and the whole thing checks out ok the engine number and VIN are both altered on the rego to match the bike. typical of an engine swap when done by a mechanic.. im sure it will be ok..nothing better than bringing something back to life.. who cares if its a bitsa.
  11. Since sound is logatithmic, 3dB corresponds to an increase in twice the sound level. so your exhaust will be twice as loud as it is supposed to be. I don't think they'll let you off with that one
  12. :worthlesspics:

    yah but one plate said at 5800 rpm the other at 6000rpm.

    DW exhust for these are cheap if u run into trouble.


    o btw :worthlesspics:
  13. Its aways worth checking Viator it might be under fianace as well which mean the bike is still owned buy the bank /loan shark All you have to do is ring RTA/vic roads with the vin number or do it on line it will tell you its clear of credit not stolen and wont be repooed by a big bloke that wont care about you or what you have spent on it You loose the lot always worth a check before you ever lay out the cash to anyone ..My resent storie was a cbr1000rr 04 selling for 11500 he owed 13500 to GE capital finance I had to get a cheque of the owner for the differance and send the lot to GE before they would clear the dept ,He pulled out of the sale most likely to find a gimp that wouldnt check ..Dont get caught always check the vin..
  14. Well like I said I got online and put the numbers into revs and it said it was fine so I'm not too worried about that.

    The bike is being such a little biatch at the moment. I have bleeding fingers because I can't get the bloody axle nut on the rear wheel undone. I even tried putting a socket wrench on the nut and standing on the socket wrench and no luck. I'm not a weak bloke so I can't see anyone else moving it by hand... any suggestions?
  15. Thats tight...Have you got a rattle gun or put a pipe on the socket bar and stand on that make sure you have someone sit or steady the bike it might do a mono also try a good penetrating spray it sound like someone might have put locktite on the nut to get it that tight or its been down and damaged the thread ..
  16. Problem solved thanks mate, I went and had another crack at standing on dad's socket wrench. I just jumped up and down on it for a little while and then managed to slowly get it moving with my foot.

    Working on bikes is a lot of fun when things go right and not much fun when they don't.

    Off to go change the sparks and the oil now. Later on this week I'll have to go get tires and brake pads. I think I'll just drop into MCAS in parramatta and see what they've got... unless anyone has got some suggestions for me? :wink: