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WHat oil to use in an 03 Yamaha TTR 250?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rufes1, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Guess what, passed my bike p's on thursday w000t. 1 step closer.

    Anyway my bike is due for an oil change and I want some advice on what to use. Its done 5,500kms, had 2 services beforehand.

    I want to use a full synthetic oil, but dont know which one?

    I do lots of city riding, not very much off road.

    Also whats the best chain lube to use? I find mine is quiete loud at higher speed in low gears, at low rpm's?

    Also I plan on changing the oil about every 3,000km's. This seem ok?

    Thanks heaps everyone!
  2. Anyone? :?
  3. Don't expect a dirt bike to run well if you're treating it like a road bike. Most people will dump the oil in a xr/ttr style trail bike every 500-1000Ks depending on how pedantic they are, enduro style bikes (WR/EXC) get new oil every 2nd or 3rd ride. 3000Ks is far too much. If the chain is chattering like you suggest, it's time to adjust the rear axel or replace the chain all together.
    As far as what oil to use, I only use motul 5100 or similar.