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what offers better protection?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by damo03, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Hi. I have been looking in the shops at the rjays / dririder style of textile pants, that have the textile fabric and the waterproof / thermal insert. The guy at the shop i was at said these offer better protection than the draggin jeans with their kevlar inserts. I would have thought the draggins would be better.

    Does anyone know (first hand or not) which will provide better protection in a spill, Draggin's or the textile pants?

    I don't race, just commute (quickly :) ) and occassional highway.


  2. If the textile pants are nothing but high-denier Cordura or similar superdooperhightech material, and come with CE foam armour inserts for the knees, hips, etc, they're prrrrrrrrrrrroobably better protection than Draggins.

    Draggins only have kevlar in a few strategic places where you're most likely to slide... the rest is just heavy-ish denim material. No impact protection at all.

    <--- wears Draggins, all the same. But wif knee armour!
  3. Well I wouldn't ride without my draggins because i've tested them first hand. Fell off on a wet corner going 60kms/h and slid about 5 meters alond the road and they completely saved me from losing any skin.

    I went out and bought another pair the next week. :grin:

    I think they are perfect for the rider who commutes.
  4. Kevlar is great for tear resistance - but crap at abrasion resistance.
    So the question of which offers the best protection depends on how you plan to crash. Either one's still better than wearing shorts or trackpants though.
  5. I've got a pair of textile pants, with armour, that I wear when it's pissing down. I believe they offer better protection than my draggins but I wouldn't be wearing em on a nice day anyway.
  6. Haveta agree with Spots (spot on!) and jd. Depend on how you want to crash. I'd be placing my money on the Tex tho as most of tehse come with padding which is "better" for impact-protection than kevlar liner.
  7. good thread i've been wondering the same question myself

    the idea of having the foam padding makes me feeling safer instantly, wonder if there are any textiles with kevlar inserts and CE? best of both worlds?
  8. Draggin jeans have the option of fitting CE knee armour in addition to the Kevlar which is really a must have for highway speeds and above IMO (shattered kneecaps are a lot worse than a bit of skin loss). Other brands may offer the same.
    There's still no substitute for leather though.