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What not to do...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by screwball, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I had this mate that I used to ride with, both on CBR250RR's and his had the tyga kit on it, nice paintjob, aside from high k's was a nice bike.

    After he thrashed the crap out of it, smashed it into a tree at 60kph and wronged me in a way that only a true asshole would, he's no longer a mate and his bike is a smashed up piece of shit that couldn't outrun a scooter in its current state.

    We both got done for street racing at the same time by some cops who were going off the word of a security guard who claimed to have 'heard bikes racing' at 2am on a backroad. Cops rock up, we get done for something we didnt do. Due to inexperience with court, neither of us sought legal advice and as a result, instead of walking out fully licensed and unscathed (legally) we get slapped with 6 month loss of license and 40 hrs community service.

    Bottom line, I decided to take it on the chin as bad luck, a good chance to lose some weight riding to work on the pushy and so forth. I knock my community service out in no time, just do my time building up the cage and so forth.

    My mate becomes an ex mate after aforementioned wrongdoing, breaches on his community service order, loses his job, loses everything basically. At this point we're about 4 months into the suspension of license and no longer friends.

    Since we got done on the same day, court on the same day and lost license on the same day, we were eligible to get our licenses back on the same day. That day was today.

    I work with this guys brother, I get to work and am approached with the following story:

    The dickhead has been riding non stop since he lost his license. He went out for a ride yesterday and the cops try to pull him over for speeding. He decides not to stop and tries to outrun them. Due to the bike being a box of shit, he fails miserably and after a lengthy and dangerous chase, he gives up. He gets $700 on the spot fine, and a court date for several criminal driving offenses like driving without a license by court order, driving dangerously endangering life and evading police, several other nasties.

    This guy is going to PRISON after all this. I'm just posting it here because after what he did to my missus I was itching to dob him in and decided not to based entirely on Karma. What goes around comes around, and karma smote this wanker badly.

    Now he's got no job, no license, bike impounded, phone cut off by telstra, application to the armed forces will be dropped because of this little issue, and several other nasty results.

    All because he couldn't hold off 1 more day and get his license back.

    And for the record, if this guy goes to jail, he'll be passed around like a bong at a party because he's about 175cm tall and basically a very small set of testicles off being a girl. He wont make it.

    Today was a good day :)
  2. So he banged your missus?
  3. He's young? Won't happen if he is. A guy I used to call a friend is into heavy amounts of drugs, was caught stealing car stereos, driving unlicensed, unregistered, drinking, on drugs, all of the above in different combinations and many times, if he knows how to open a fuel cap he will, and will siphon whatever he can get into his shitbox that he thrashes around drunk.

    Despite all this, he isn't in prison. He's at home on the dole and uses every cent to buy grass. He'll be doing this for the rest of his life no doubt.

    Your ex friend is a hero in comparison to this retard.
  4. you guys need new friends
  5. Thats why we have you! :LOL:

    Its easy to knock when you can't relate to the situation :p
  6. Don't hold back, why don't you tell us what you really think! :grin:
  7. Yeah I got some old friends from school that sound much like that too... every time I see any of them it's like a good punch to the side of the head, a reminder of all the things I don't want to be. You ask them what they've been up to and it's always the same shit, they haven't been anywhere, haven't seen or done anything. I'm thankful I got bored of thier company... always sitting around, doing bugger all, just waiting to score a bag of weed... what a pointless existence IMO
  8. Good on you for rising above it all screwball :wink:
    Life is full of twists and turns.
  9. i dont get it...
    how did he wrong you??:S
    did he bang your missus or what?
  10. This is a 'biatch at whoever you want' thread. Come on, go nuts!
  11. Good onya for sticking it out, screwball. Although it doesn't sound like your ex buddy just couldn't wait ONE more day - he didn't wait at all. Certainly a gamble for him. So he's actually in prison? And yeah - are you and your missus ok?
  12. I had certain video's on my mobile phone, hidden pretty damn well I might add, and he basically stole my phone from my bedroom while I was downstairs, then after I spent all night searching for it, and the next morning too, I guessed the girlfriend had it.

    He rocks up to work telling me it was down the side of the couch and he found it whilst watching TV... it was turned off with 3/4 battery so I knew he'd mucked around with it. So when he was out getting smashed a few nights later I went through his PC and found the videos. They're not like uber porno or anything but my missus has a past involving certain things and she's already distrusting of anyone anyway, and after I begged her to let this guy stay as he was already thrown out of everywhere else, she agreed as we needed the extra rent money. I went in batting for him when no one else would and this is how he repaid me.

    That night he got his ass flogged and thrown out the front door. Not before I confiscated his key, phone and everything else. His brother was allowed to come get it a few days later after I went through it all.
  13. bloody hell mate, definately just need to walk away from all this and dont look back.
  14. so you gonna post the video's or what?
  15. this story was worth reading just because he incorporated "smote" into a sentence.

  16. haha gold :rofl:
  17. ^^^ whoa, some bad company. :!:
  18. Ah, yes, there's nothing like some good old-fashioned smiting :LOL:
  19. A smiting...a smiting!!!

    Tell me who to smite and they shall be smoten!

    Congrats on getting the licence back screwball. May the radars of the state stay clear of your bike and the logging trucks stay well within their own lanes! Happy travels!

    Butz. :beer:
  20. :shock:
    Dont You hate it when the last 5 minutues of a DVD is unwatchable