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What not to do with a new bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by frickendevil, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Well i recently bought a cbr250r, for the right price (dealership, $4500 with 6 months rego, . Been riding around a few days now, enjoying every moment of it. Until about an hour ago. I had been riding back from a friends place, and was thinkin "oh yeh, according to other peoples distances i should have to switch over to reserve soon". About 5km down the road, i start to lose power and switched it over to reserve. No fuel. First thought: "bugger". Pull over, and thought "well i know i have a can of fuel at home". Ring home, noones there to bring my fuel to me. Home is 10km further away. The closest servo is 2km away. So i start pushing cuz i couldnt afford another fuel can. As thousands of cars pass me, noone pulls over to see what hte problem is. After 30mins in the hot townsville sun, i finally get to my destination. Top up with fuel (for the first time), but the battery didnt have enough charge to start the bike (wasted it trying to start on what should have been reserve). So i had to push start my bike, which noone would help me with. Then i got home.

    Moral of the story, don't ride far from petrol stations when you think you might be low on fuel.

    Will take the fuel cock apart, see if the diaphragm is buggered. Or if it had previously been replaced and the switch was put on upside down. or something. god damn i am tired.

  2. switching to reserve before the engine dies is the best option, sounds like you exhausted the battery before the fuel lines became primed after running dry ;)
  3. I did while the engine was still running, and it still died. And i doubled checked when i pulled over that i wasn't running all the time in res, because it was switched to res after i had turned it whilst riding.
  4. this story inspires me to join the RACV!
    that sucks. i can't even push my bike a metre without dropping it, i'd have had to "paddle" along 2kms!!! *dies at the thought*
  5. Might not work on all bikes, but its saved me on trail bikes a few times, and even on my GS500, lean the bike over to the left as far as you can without dropping it.

    Usually it will allow a bit of fuel in the bottom of the tank to run down the hose. Its got me about 8km on the GS500, after stopping to do it a couple of times.
  6. I have the same problem on my bike. I found rapidly switching between reserve and normal would act as a vacuum and suck a little more fuel into the carbs, often giving me enough fuel to make it up the offramp and roll down the hill to the servo.

    Now I just fill up before I reach empty. After a few times you'll figure out how far you can go.
  7. Id prefer to just fix my fuel tap, which is definately rooted. Found someone who made a frankenstein cbr250r, and ill see if hes got a spare laying around.
  8. Hey man, im another from townsville and I cant use PM yet, just wanting to know if you wanna go for a ride some time, I dont know anyone else with a bike.
  9. Yeah I ran mine empty once, on the way to the servo it stalled several times, had to swish the tank around to get the gas picked up to get me the last km or two.

    If no one is pulling over to help you, how about you motion some nice looking person over next time.
  10. lol! I ran out of fuel this morning too.

    Had to push the bike about a k. I was spewing because it was the same place as I ran out of fuel about a month ago. I must have racked up some bad bad karma recently!