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What not to do when riding with your mates.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. http://ccc.ru/web/moto/

    Lets hope this never happens on a netrider ride.
  2. ahhh would never have happened in Breshnev's day, no-one could AFFORD a bike then......
  3. Viva La 2 second gap.
  4. Actually the other way around. The only thing anyone could afford was a bike. All most of them had an outfit attached for ferrying around the family.

    And there's still a hell of a lot of outfits on the roads over there.
  5. I saw what could have been the beginnings of an event like that on the way back from the GP at the Island, in Cranbourne, a few years back. :shock:
  6. Bikes were stopped, and others came in too fast? Quite a few skid marks on the road
  7. Was that one of Minna's rides... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ...

    *runs for cover*
  8. Might be something to think about with the current 2 big rides for the MotoGP. It's all about safe distance at speeds.
    These people in the images looked like the speed was not all that fast either, so anyone going on group rides beware!
  9. i saw this on another forum :shock:

    what's with some of the pillions not wearing helmets?
  10. it was a STAY UPRIGHT class out on a field trip :p

    Not wise to use the "Back Brake" to pull you up quickly, weight shifts to the front wheel and you lose traction on the back which then locks the rear wheel and you simply slide.

    All novice riders should focus on front brake and use the rear brake in conjunction with it to help pull the bike up as quickly as possible.

    Personally, i dont use the rear brake at all, cant even remember the last time i pushed on the lever.

    Also, stability of the bike comes from the gyroscopic effects of mainly the rear wheel, locking the rear wheel makes your bike very unstable.

    cheers ratty
  11. Thats just nuts,never seen anything like it. :shock: :eek: :shock:

    Hakin :wink:
  12. "What not to do when riding with your mates".....

    Thats just stupid...
    Most of these guys probably don't know each other, so I wouldn't call them mates....
    I've seen a bike go up the back of another in the Burnley Tunnel on a "Protest Ride"... stop start traffic....

    When I go out for a "Netrider" ride, I make sure its with people(some) I know and I make sure i'm following someone that I can trust going into corners and that can handle a hazardous situation..... :wink:


  13. errrr, I think smee was joking........
  14. When your following me Graeme, you dont relize i have my eyes close going through the twisties :p

    below is a pic of me and my 2 cousins
  15. Thats the last time I'm going to follow you Paul. :)

    Hakin :wink:
  16. Check out pic 8 and have a look at the modified pipes on the bike. Looks like they are LED's poking out the end :shock:

    Was amazing, looks really good when you open all pics and just run through them all emlarged.........the fcuk ups just keep coming

    Cheers 8)
  17. Motorbike-riding lemmings!
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  19. wow

    Did some thing similar happen in quensland a few years ago??

    Also fiew years ago I was almost involved in some thing like it going to the GP... some one decided to overtake on their rear wheel.. and when they merged... well they lost it... fiew other bikes ended up crashing into him...

    I like riding in a big group like that but i always hope every one is going to behave...
  20. Nargh, it's all funded by drug money and ICBM sales.

    Re: no helmets, look at the biatch eat perifrost in 11 and 12.