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What not to do when being chased by the cops!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by brainz, Apr 6, 2016.

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  2. he was in trouble long before the cops got there. that front wheel was all wrong.
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  3. Weight shift for the win.
  4. So out of interest, why does the front turn in in a crash like that?

    I used to push my little ninja when I had it and sometimes it felt as though the front would want to 'crumple' or 'dive' like that. Luckily I never lost it.

    When the racers lowside their front tyre rotates outwards from the corner as it falls....as you'd expect.
  5. That bend has featured in dozens of crash vids, that's where the camera blokes sit and thats where everyone tries to be Mark Marquez with max lean angles and max acceleration attempting to slide the rear which results in max armco kissing. I have on idea why this one happened, its a long bend and he was apexing early,who knows?
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  6. Yep Mulholland Highway in the states is renowned for people crashing, especially that corner. Saw a clip of a scooter rider taking that same corner on, with crocs on and ate shit.
    Here it is
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  7. Its called counter steering, when turning left you push on the left hand side of the handlebar regards of what the back wheel is doing (sliding etc.) off course body position is important as well in the vid posted was crap as well.
  8. Every time I see Mulholland stuff the first question is: why no underrun barriers on the ARMCO?

    That scooter ninja was lucky to survive without a broken spine :(
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  9. the front turn can in, can be caused by
    lack of grip
    Pushing the tyer
    the front suspenders to hard (chatter)
    bad set up for both of above ^
    chasing the red mist

    not knowing the road you are on
    your unable to drive thru a corner

    bottom line Learn your bike, and tune it to YOUR weight and how fast you want to go.
  10. Scooter boy was lucky he didn't lose his bits
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  11. My guess is he grabbed a big fist of front brake. Hence the weight shift rob is referring to.
  12. Nope no front brake, you can see it clearly at 1:35min. A bit of a mystery, flat front maybe, it does look like the tyre deforms a bit before he goes down.
  13. as soon as he put his foot out you knew it was all over...
  14. Yep, those crocs are a poor substitute for speedway boots obviously
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    Its not the cops who are chasing him, but this guy has pissed someone off lol
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  16. the broken mirror may be a clue, they've obviously come together, would be interesting to know more about that one.
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  17. Yeah I was thinking a squared off front, as was probably the case in my situation, may have contributed to it.
  18. What was the scooter guy thinking running wets on a dry track:p
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  19. Oh that is truly woeful...!