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what not to do on an MC forum.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. internet hall of pwnage contender for 2008!

    guy claims to teach newb mc riders and asks for donations of riding gear.

    ...let the pwnage begin...


  2. What a idiot, he wants free gear then goes on to say he is buying an ninja250 and sv650 with his own money to train people? If he has enough money to buy these two bikes why is he asking for a helmet and gloves?
  3. And he's leaving his arse bare for some hefty litigation too. Doesn't matter if he's offering the services for free. If he's actively promoting himself as an instructor, then when something goes wrong, guess who the family or the injured will be going for.

    Anyway, if the guy's uncertified then he should not be going anywhere near this sort of thing. It's bad enough that "mom and dad" instructors are teaching new drivers bad habits from day one, let alone someone instructing learner motorcyclists, an area that needs the utmost of professionalism and expertise.
  4. Hi I would like to teach people how to drive super cars safely, anyone lend me a porsche?? :LOL:
  5. God, that thread is insane :shock:

    But after wading through all that garbage, it doesn't seem like there's anything dodgy about the guy, rather he just comes across as your common, garden-variety idiot :roll:

    What I don't get is why morons like him don't just quit when they're ahead (or not too far behind, at least). Surely he can see that his posts are just making things worse, why doesn't he just give up?
  6. :LOL: @ how they found his details


    Kudo's he hasnt run off like they usually do. He gave his number
    & they've rung him.

    The thread reminds me of the NR version doing the same thing :LOL:

  7. So, lemme get this straight. Dude is trying to help people out as much as he can, and gets his arse caned. How is that different to the mentor system we run here, or the workshop days? I take out heaps of learners for carpark sessions, showing them what I can, trying to give them a few bits that the learner course just doesn't, and a bit of valuable practice... How is that different? I've got no qualifications, but I know people have benefitted from what I've been able to show them.
  8. Let's face it Loz, MJT's warning doesn't faze you as you like having your arse bare. Repeatedly, and with malice aforethought.
  9. Im with Loz on this one. Maybe because he is classing himself as an "instructor" and/or asking for something in return thats the difference i dunno.
  10. the founding member, IMO, was a self-righteous :jerk: with an axe to grind, and an ego to inflate.
    OP was just going about his quest all wrong, didnt appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed....
  11. Still thats gold, cos you know someone is gonna send him a box full of "gear" that weighs a ton, and when he goes to pick it up, there will be tax costs involved, maybe a hundred bucks or something, then when he opens it, it'll be full of bricks or something... You can see it coming a mile away.
  12. I don't even see what's wrong with asking for gear donations... So many yanks ride squid it's ridiculous. And tell me there's a single one of you out there that doesn't have at least one piece of riding gear you don't use any more.... I've got boxes full of it, which to be honest mainly come in handy when I've got pillions or noobs.

    That's bullshit. It's worth getting behind people who are trying to do something positive.
  13. +2 :WStupid:
  14. How does one benefit from seeing your arse loz?
  15. While I found that thread an 'amusing' 20 pages :shock:
    I still don't think he was doing anything wrong. It's not unlike our 'mentor' system here, except the guy come across as a bit 'loopy'.
    When you think about they way he was 'probed', it's enough to put second thoughts into the minds of those who are willing to help newbie riders, and that is NOT a good thing.
    Poor Guy ... :p :p He wont be trying THAT kinda post again :p
    Lets hope that NEVER happens here.
  16. Well for one it helps them get a tan.
  17. just want to put my 2c in:

    calling one self an instructor without any formal qualification and with limited riding experience is what got this KID into a lot of heat.

    he may have seemed sincere but who knows what his intention was. his post count acted greatly against him as none on the forum knew anything of this KIDS character.

    for all they knew it could have been some quick money making scheme with all the free loot ending up on craigslist or flEaBAY...

    oh, and being an over litigious society that the US is, this KID would have been open to a whole lot of whoop ass should something go wrong.

    bottom line: i don't mind tips from mentors but i'd prefer to be taught all the right things by somebody with experience and most importantly credentials!
  18. i guess you didnt get the kind of responses you were looking for here twainey ;)
    it is an australian trait to give people a fair go...
  19. ? not looking for validation when i post, joel.

    we all have differing opinions.