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What non-leather protection is good - after a 65-70km fall

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Aceaaron, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I recently had a low-side fall at a speed somewhere between 60-70km/hr on a downhill corner.

    I slid approximately 25 metres or maybe a bit more, the bike another 20metres - did not hit anything. The road surface is an average abrasve tar top. I hid the ground with my left elbow and right knees and slid on them and also the outside of my left foot.

    i was wearing dri-rider X jacket, version II, the one with two layers on elbow area and weak impact protectors. I also have BMW Airflow Boots - basically an non-serious protective leather boots with good ventillation. I only have normal jean ( Rivers).

    there was a patch of oil and i lost the front. it was so unexpected that it took me about 1 second after the bike starting give way under me to just realise what happened. - i thought sh$t, i was only wearing jeans.

    the boots were worn on the side and the angle area - no damge to me whatsoever- but i would replace the boots - as i can feel the change in thickness on the leather area.

    the elbow area of jacket had a 50c hole- it worn through the first layer of material. the second layer seem unaffected at the hole. the seam was also torn in a couple area. The outside patch is very much still intact. I have the slighted scratch to my elbow, less than a quarter of a 5 cent piece. Felt it in the first 2 days - gone by the third day.

    My right kneecap area didnt fare so well. The jeans had NO hole to it to my amazement. however i have flesh burnoff/ abrase through over a 20cent area - and it is still healing after a week. the inside of the pants where the knee area is full of small particle of jean material which also appear on my wound area - i wash that off with soap and water- ouch!!!!!

    i could feel and see a definate change of thickness to my skin on the knee

    my questions to everyone who had experiece in crashes or have done a lot of research in this area are these:

    1) why was normal jean did not worn through (simply grazed), yet i had receive injury like this on my knees;

    2) if kelvar lined jeans is supposed to prevent it being torn through, but may not as resistent to abrasion as some in this forum has suggested, like the infamous draggin test, what's the point of it if i am going to still get burn like i got.

    3) looks aside, how does draggin jeans compared with codura pants in abrasion and tearing - ignoring the benefit of armour.

    4) are there materials u can wear under the garment so as to reduce burn damage when the outside material has not been worn through.

    thanks for everyone's input.
  2. The jeans gave you a friction burn due to being pulled over the skin under pressure, ie, caught between your skin and the road, and dragged along your skin by friction on the road. The burn is WAY better than the alternative.........
    This is why tight fitting apparel is important on the bike, if the clothing moves, it causes problems in itself.
    The rest of your gear did it's job, Cordura clothing is a one stack only type job, as are the boots, they are sacrificial.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. that's really bad... thanks for the analysis. i am considering to buy a textile myself
  4. thanks for the reply.... anyone heard of wearing lycra as undergarment to reduce friction burn?- assuming the top layer has not worn through
  5. Plastic next to your skin when heat is involved? No thanks!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I came off at 100kmh last year (in the rain, so less friction) and was wearing full boots, Dri Rider jacket with armour, Dainese leather jeans with armour in the knee and shins.

    Every part of me either hit the ground or dragged. The jacket had several holes worn in it, the jeans had two puncture marks on the knee caps, the gloves had ground down on the plastic/carbon lookalike knuckle protectors and the visor was scratched.

    I received a small friction burn to my left elbow, severe bruising to my elbow and sore knees from hitting the ground. The knees I was not aware of until the next day such was the protection of the leather jeans. The friction burn to my elbow was caused by my clothes under the jacket rubbing against my skin.

    As for why your jeans didn't split or break apart, who knows? Every accident is different. Having had jeans fall apart in previous accidents, it's reinforced jeans or leather for me everytime now.
  7. Hornet600 always suggests this solution, perhaps ask him.
  8. Re: What non-leather protection is good - after a 65-70km fa

    Firstly, glad to hear you are okay.
    There are different 'weights' (thicknesses) of denim and maybe that helped or you were just plain lucky
    I see your point, kevlar burn does hurt but at least with the material staying in tact there is less chance of other foreign objects connecting with your skin, ie: gravel, dirt or even crash debris.
    Personally I dont know, but maybe draggin have a test comparision on their site if no one else has an answer ?
    Can only suggest natural fibres as synthetics would have more ouch factor however using armour will also help reduce that possibility.
  9. I've crashed in normal jeans, a short sleeved shirt & runners, I wore the knee back to bone in 2 spots, lost a heap of skin off my arm and burnt a hole in my big toe. This was at 50km/h

    Ive crashed in leather pants, boots & cordura jacket, no abrasions at all. This was at 120km/h

    My last crash, leather jacket, boots & draggin jeans. Crashed at 40km/h no abrasions but an awkward landing that cracked my collar bone, bruised all my ribs and put me in hospital having a torn tendon in my shoulder repaired.

    All crashes vary.

    I forget the blokes name now that crashed on the last Westside ride in draggins at 130km/h sure his draggins tore through the denim, the kevlar stayed intact but the friction burns were a good size, probably the size of a shoe? but I dont think he spent 70 minutes in a hospital having his skin scrubbed like I did in my first crash.

    Moral of the story, screw the gear, don't fcuken crash!!!!!!!
  10. +1

    Crashing is not fun, no matter what.
    Leather only for me. But in my last crash, my leather got a whole in it. This was at like 30km/h with bike on me. Lucky for the armour.
    No doubt leather has is the best, but it still has its limits.
  11. Ummm you're on the wrong bike for lycra :)
  12. thanks all for your comments.

    so draggin jeans will most likely stop your jeans from being worn right through (still amazed by my Rivers jeans not wearing thru) BUT you will still get friction burn from the kelvar material rubbing my your skin !

    - how does codura compare. would the same logic not applied to leather then? if we ignore the benefit of protectors- does lining help to stop the friction burn - my arm did not have any problems despite one layer of my dri-rider jacket being worn through- i suppose the 2nd layer was still intact....

    has anyone had experience with Tiger Angels' gardian suit - kind of like velour, i think BMW has something similar only a bit more expensive?
  13. You can still get a friction burn underneath leather gear as well. When I came off on lake mountain I wore a hole in the top leather reinforcement on the knee pads, the main leg of the leather pants was unharmed... but my knee was red raw and friction burnt.

    This isn't something that only happens to draggin jeans or cordura gear, the difference is that (other things being equal) leather takes more abrasion to wear through.