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What Next?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KazTastic, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Ouch! I managed to write off my Versys and fracture both of my wrists.

    After I recover, I'll need a new bike. Probably around $6k.

    Not a fan of the new "streetfighter" nakeds (saw a CB500F the other day, it had as much plastic on it as the VTR1000 parked next to it – though the MT-07 looks pretty good), or cruisers, but apart from that, I'm open to anything.

    I really like the CB400, but I'm not sure if it would be comfortable for someone of my height (6'1"). There was a bloke riding with us who was about my height, and his CB was giving him serious back pain.

    The MT-07 is still a little bit expensive – but the MT-03 (the one with the 660cc thumper) fits right within my price range, and looks really comfortable for someone of my height, though they weren't sold here for long, so I'm not sure how well it will sell after I get my full licence.

    Also thought about the Husqvarna TE610 and TE630, but reliability and parts availability are questionable.

    I could also consider a carby Triumph Bonneville (ACT licence so only power to weight limit, not engine capacity), but I don't know about comfort or reliability.

    Then again, I'm due to go for my Ps (once I can get the bloody u-turn right), and because I have an ACT licence, I only have a year on my Ps, so it might not be worth getting a nice bike until I get my full licence. Therefore something like an early DR650SE or XR650L might fit the bill.

    What should I do, decent late model bike, or old shitter?
  2. Shit mate, that sucks, what happened?
  3. I went a bit wide in a turn, veered onto the shoulder, and crashed into an embankment. Could've been so much worse though.
  4. glad you're ok, sorry your bike didn't make it. two broken wrists, that's gonna slow things down a bit for you.
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  5. I can vouch that the DR650 is a nice bike for commuting. I ride one to work and it's nice and light with enough go for traffic. And at your height it'd be an easy ride. They are pretty popular so they tend to hold their value well and you get one kitted out for around $6000 with pretty lowish km's.

    Sorry to hear about your off, got much movement in your hands?
  6. Yeah, I can still move them, but I can't pick much up, no need for surgery either.

    Worst thing was that I was caught on camera.
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  7. I want to know how the hell are you typing LOL
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  8. ...s-l-o-w-l-y... :eek:
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  9. Ouch! Hope your recovery is simple. As for bikes, I might go a shitter for now, easy to get and also you can test out your wrists on the new steed and see how they feel. The breaks may mean certain riding positions are uncomfortable (lucky you're not wanting super sports)!
    Lol now you have to post the footage!
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  10. My phone is nice and easy to type on (SwiftKey and voice recognition for the win)

    Sadly I don't have the footage.

    To be honest, I'm not too sure if the bike's a write-off, the assessor will check it on Tuesday, but it was leaking, wasn't steering straight, and the fairings were ripped off on the left. Plus, insurance will have to tow it from Walcha to Port Macquarie or Sydney for repairs, so the towing would probably cost more than what the bike is worth.
  11. Glad you seem ok.

    May I ask - how do you manage to type with two wrists broken?? Speech to text?

    Hope you heel up soon mate
  12. sorry to hear about your off.

    Hope the insurance process is easy and you heal quickly.
  13. Nasty. I broke one wrist and that was bad enough.
    What did and didn't you like about the Versys? Apart from the fact it chucked you on your head.
  14. Ouch.. Sorry to hear that dude.

    Hope you heal up quickly..
  15. Another Versys or a Suzuki VStrom.
  16. Bad luck there mate heal quick,
    By the way if I bump into you at the piss trough at the footy the answer is no.
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  17. The Versys was a great bike, felt easy to ride, lots of torque, and the perfect height for me.

    Only complaints were a lack of off-road capability and a dull exhaust note. Also it's not a pretty bike (a beak under the headlights would've completed it)

    LAMS Versys and V-Stroms aren't all that easy to find used, especially not within my budget. Also, I just feel like getting something different.
  18. Glad to hear your relatively ok Kaz (y) with a year on your P's you'll want something half decent, the Er6n is another option in that range, heal well bud.
  19. I split my daily ride between a 200hp naked Hayabusa and a 2005 DR650. The DR650 is more enjoyable to ride around town/commute on, and there's a huge aftermarket and some entertaining mods that can be purchased from Procycle.com (mine's ended up with a 790cc big bore kit, high performance cams, race carb, full exhaust system, flowed and ported head etc). Very entertaining, but not great value for money. If you're keen on performance the ER6N as noted above is a good bike, or the XT660 (same engine as the MT-03).
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