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what narrows your most wanted list of bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. style

  2. capacity and performance

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  3. personal "fit" and test ride

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  4. price

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  5. reputation

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  6. ride reports

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  7. reliability

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  8. looks

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  9. trade in price

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  1. When I upgraded to the hornet I had a few boxes to tick and in order they were

    style in my case I wanted a naked all rounder
    capacity and performance I wanted nothing under 750cc and a hooner
    personal "fit" and test a few bikes that were on my list just didn't fit me
    price always a consideration
    reputation I have always found the Honda brand great
    ride reports could not find a bad review anywhere
    reliability as above
    looks last on the list, and something you can always come to love. An ugly baby is considred beautiful by its parents

    So I settled on the Honda Hornet 900 and have not regretted it once. I am up to 6000 kms in 2.5 months and it gets better and better.

    How do you going about getting a wanted list???
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  2. Heart- It has to hit you there and take your breath away.. then the other considerations look pale, still important but if my heart is set on it?...
  3. OK here's what made me choose the Hornet 600

    style I also wanted a naked bike, and wanted something that would be great for commuting as well as twisties
    capacity and performance I wanted a mid range bike, and somethign that would have balls when I needed it.
    personal "fit" and test Some of the bikes on my list just felt all wrong in terms of foot position, riding position, etc. The Hornet 6 felt perfect.
    price wasn't buying new, so wanted something I could get at a good price so I could afford any mods I wanted.
    reputation Never had any problems with Honda - bloody reliable beasts!
    ride reports every single report I read about the Hornet said it was unreal for what I wanted it for. The only people I saw say bad things about it were either people who had never ridden one or people who wanted a supersports.
    reliability I was buying a bike to last so again I chose a Honda.
    looks I'm a girl - looks are important to me :LOL: Having said that, I also wanted something I could modify to look exactly how I wanted. I knew the Hornet 600 was an easily modified bike & as soon as I saw it I knew it was what I wanted.

    My orginal wanted list also included a Kwaka Z750, which I would definitely consider should the unthinkable happen. I'd also look at an 07 Hornet 600, Trumpy Street Triple, and the new CB1000R[/quote]
  4. has to price and would think, price would be first on the list for most......if you don't know how much you have to spend makes it very hard to find somewhere to start.....i mean you i would of loved a nice duc.....but in reality i was never going to fork out 30+k but next of the list would be fit/how i felt on it.
  5. Style I wanted a sport tourer, end of story.
    Capacity and Performance I wanted something to travel on, with the Missus and maybe a trailer. Fastest bike in the world for nine years running. You can't ignore a lineage like that.
    Personal "fit" and test Absolutely love the fit and feel of the ZZR's.
    Price Stumbled across mine. Wasn't in the market just yet, but came across one at the right price, so grabbed it anyway.
    Reputation Again, fastest bike in the world for nine years. Hard to top a reputation like that. Also, these engines are used in racing sidecars, so they've got a great reputation for being super strong.
    Ride reports Read one after I'd already fallen in love. It just double my love for it.
    Reliability See reputation.
    Looks Anyone who says looks don't matter is full of sh*t. Sight is generally our first connection with things. It's the first thing that attracts us to something. I saw one in deep maroon when I first started riding. Fell in love with it's classy look straight away. The fact that mine is painted Harlequin just makes it look fresh. People don't realise it's a 12 year old bike.

    I didn't settle on anything. I got exactly what I always wanted. :grin:
  6. #1 - price (this includes availability of spares etc)

    #2 - the riding experience

    #3 - reliability

    That's about all I care about, I'm not one of these "ooh look how pretty my widdoo bike is" nancies.
  7. +1

    even if its expensive, butt ugly and unreliable, you'd still defend it so long as it makes your heart beat unlike any other bike.
  8. for me it is all down to the feel and the handleing.
    I have to feel that I have control of the bike, feel that it works for me, and trust that it will handle well.
    Power is not what moves me, knowing that I can get the bike to go where I want when I want how I want that is what I like.
    so the 675 or the CBR 600 RRRRRR are highest on my list, because every one sais they ride like they are on rails... Now I just have to ride them and see if they are the bike for me.
  9. just as well really considering that paint-job :wink:
  10. #1 was price for me, as I'm a poor uni student. I'm looking at getting an sv at the moment, whilst its not the exact year/km/extras that I want, due to the price I'm making a compromise.

    style: sports tourer, sports, all rounder, naked, whatever
    capacity + performance: 600-800cc ish detuned performance, I don't need anymore just yet
    personal "fit" and test: as others have said 'heart', it has to be something I love the looks, sound and feel of.
    price: 7-8k pricerange, again, poor uni student :)
    reputation: I'm looking at 'budget' bikes, so I want something known as 'great fun for the money'
    ride reports: Bargain bikes, so expecting some flaws, but overall good package. I don't mind some flaws, in fact a few will keep it interesting.
    reliability: Going to commute on it every day as well as some weeks away, and of course weekend rides.
    looks: Has to be something I like the looks of.

    So what am I looking at with this criteria?:
  11. Believe it or not, the Minja will soon have a totally hawt paint job. Watch this space.
  12. I picked looks - I'm a very shallow person :LOL:.
    A bike I considered ugly I simply wouldn't enjoy riding as much, and I probably wouldn't enjoy working on at all unless it was to try and make it look better. If I wanted reliability/practicality/low cost/other boring stuff I'd buy a small car. As for capacity and performance I say "meh" - I'd be much happier with a 250 that looked good than a butt-ugly 1000cc supersports, anything is fun if you ride it right (or wrong ;)). Personal fit is only an issue if it's something that can't be easily changed and reputation would probably be at the bottom since the condition of an individual bike is far, far more important I reckon than a generic opinion of that make/model.
    Edit: Hmm missed one. Ride reports - interesting to read but really don't mean crap when it comes to buying a bike IMO. A professional rider might be able to pick the subtle differences in performance between Bike A and Bike B but I doubt I would. Even worse when they give a bike a bad review simply because of supposed poor ergonomics without mentioning if the test rider was some gangly freak or stumpy dwarf.
  13. And then you'll say, "ooh look how pretty my widdoo bike is". :p
  14. style I wanted a fully faired EFI well equipped machine, a wolf in sheeps clothes
    capacity and performance Had to be able to do warp speeds and have enough torque to stay in 6th gear at 60km/h
    personal "fit" and test Had to be comfortable for longer runs with good wind protection and able to carry some luggage
    price Not a major consideration, but just good value for the $$
    reputation Had to be proven a versatile machine that can do everything, and have a sound reputation with excellect build quality and fit and finish.
    ride reports Didn't find a bad one, and I read dozens the world over
    reliability Honda, say no more
    looks Sharp, big road presence with a look that doesn't give away it's true performance potential.

    So I settled on the Honda Hornet CBR1100XX Super Blackbird and have not regretted it once. I am up to 20000 kms in 5 years and it gets better and better. Truly a bike capable of all sorts of riding except the nasty dirt.
    Fit and finish, and the Honda build quality are second to none.
  15. hey - i LIKE being a pretty bike nancy!
  16. Actually, I'm planning to sell it! :)
  17. #1 I pretty much decided to shag myself on this one. The bike aint cheap and I know that the spares are hand crafted by hot virgin blacksmiths with long lunch breaks in deep underground workshops so availability is an absolute joke.

    #2 I have this one so well covered I get wood just looking at my shed let alone what is in it. Actually, this point is what convinced me to buy a Tuono.

    #3, hmm pretty well covered on this one, Rotax are like Honda but cooler.

    I'm also not swayed by what people think of my choice of bikes but it is noice to see the occasional friend stab out their eyes so that they can go to their death beds with their last memory of sight being my Italian hoon machine.

    Lastly, it is rather sweet the way Loz calls me a motherf#cker since buying a Tuono. He's such a big softy. :p
  18. soon to be my bike.....
    style Sports Tourer - for sure, I love the quick blats up the putty, but also don't mind the long distance runs either
    capacity and performance 1100cc....plenty :wink:
    personal "fit" and test rode a couple and fit perfect, good wind protection, comfort in the seat and ride position and fills like a smaller bike when you're into it.
    price in my range
    reputation Honda, so great from what I've heard :roll: i hear it a lot
    ride reports all good, all say the same,underrated bike and jeezus the ]POWER
    reliability Honda
    looks Awesome! doesn't look like it would really Crack but anyone who thinks that........is very,very wrong :twisted:

    Two words: Super Blackbird :shock: :shock: :LOL: Can't wait[/b]
  19. :rofl:

    Definitely getting a XX browny? :) I was waiting for the 'I've bought a zx10/r1/gsxr1000/cbr1000rr' thread :LOL: Not that the birds aren't great bikes, but why do I get the feeling I'll soon be doing some riding where my 'upgraded' bike is half the capacity of the rest? :grin: Some things will never change hahaha.
  20. Aww, browny, my husband upgraded from a GPX to a 'Bird as well!!! You're such a lucky fella!! Now he's onto his 2nd bird, maybe there will be a new one in a couple of years so he can upgrade again :wink:

    I got my GPX because it felt right when i sat on it... and it looks pretty!!! :grin: