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What naked Literish bike for 7-10k? 2nd hand

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. G'day Guys,

    The fazer has been written off and im without transport so I need to get things going quickly on this (no time for the usual 3months of reasearch and test ride them all type of scenario)

    Looking for a naked literish (read 700-1400) bike that can take some decent kms (read probably jap) ~500km+ a week

    Budget is 7-10k max depending on age, condition,kms. looking for low kms for resale.

    So im looking around at:

    Z1000, z750, bandit N, FZ1N, SV1000N, GSX1400.

    Any other suggestions to scour the bikesales adds for, or comments on the above bikes. Ive riden the Z's and they were ok (good enough) really liked the bandit, had an FZ6 and am only considering the FZ1 cause its damn sexy looking, sv1000n is a bit ho hum but it fits the mould...never ridden it. gsx14 i really like but a close friend has one so I dont really want to have the exsact same bike if you can understand that.

    What other bikes are out there at that price point???

    before anyone says H9 ... No hondas is my only requirement. Dont ask

    Thanks guys, Tight for time so would appreciate any bike suggestions.
  2. Never ridden the SV1000N but I have ridden the S a bit and I don't think there's a lot of difference, but that engine is awesome....
  3. you could get a 955 Speed Triple for that, and it won't cost any more to run than, say, a Kwaka. Service might be a handful of dollars more but the insurance could be cheaper.
  4. yeah bt 40,000k a year on a trumpet would kill it quick smart unfortunatley
  5. If you're serious about that mileage, I'd seriously consider a BMW R1100R. Nice ones turn up in the Eastern States within that budget, they're a doddle to work on, have brilliant spares availability at surprisingly (to the uninitiated) sensible prices and are comfy and surefooted. Not blisteringly fast, but "sufficient" and people seem less fazed by high kms on Bms than on other makes.
  6. i am going to say the sv1000n is a wicked bike for it's price, it's no ktm or euro stuff, but they were only 11k brand new.....once you get them going they feel quite light and flickable with plenty of grunt to match.... suspension hasn't been much of an issue for me others say they are lacking for road riding...my only complaint is at about 160-180km on long sweepers the rear starts to move as for the front well i don't like the feel of rock hard fronts on road bikes (track a different story) but i am a light weight at about 80kg maybe for a heavier rider you would need to do some work....i find the brakes ok, on long runs near the end of a tank of fuel (about 180km) non stop twisty road riding i normally find it will grow quite a long brake lever, i recently upgraded the pads and have noticed a much better feel towards the end of long runs, so i am hoping that might be good enough for my sedate cruisy pace.....

    Mine now is now close to 60k and it's tackled everything from dirt/gravel and sandy roads to PI and plenty of spirited road rides to 1000km days and 2 weeks tours... i change the oil as per manual with delo400 replace chain and sprockets more then most (because i am slack at keeping it oiled and cleaned) it's fairly good on tyres and well like anything you wanna go quickly you will use more fuel, you put it down the hwy (with full touring/camping gear) you will actually get closer to 300 per tank :shock: though generally i get close to 170-190 per tank depending on my mood 8-[

    At the end of the day it comes with fully adjustable front & rear suspension, a motor that will keep most others honest till you hit the 180 mark, and is a wheelie machine (so loz & chiffie tell me)....imo it's like a overgrown motard and was a steal for the 11k on road price before they were discontinued.

    A way unrated motorcycle.
  7. ZRX1200's seem to be the cheapest big naked going. Good bikes if you can muscle it, very sporty for it's size, surplus power. Real comfort for the k's you're doing.

    Big kawasakis will do enormous mileage.
  8. I love the zrx's but they both seem to hold their value well and I just cant completley come to terms with their styling. I know its nothing money cant fix though. spend a few hundred on a new light setup and its just about right
  9. I reckon you could get a really nice 2 year old Z1000 well within your budget.
  10. slick, i've got an '06 z1000 with low km's, that i picked up earlier this year, right in the middle of your budget range. It is farken tops. most fun i've had on a bike in a long time (and ive been riding for 30 years!) and perfect for just about every style of riding from commuting to a blat thru the twisties. I honestly can't fault it, or recommend it more highly. good luck
  11. You can't go wrong with a Zed
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  13. For $10,990 a brand new K9 Bandit 1250 can be picked up based on an ad in November Cycletorque (or $11,490 for the ABS model). One would think second hand would see a worth while difference in the price if fuel injection features on the wish list, if not go the older carb'd 1200.
    As for the GSX14, well they're out there but the ones in your (and mine) price range always seemed to be in the wrong states for me and were on the scarce side anyway, but more on that at a later date.
    In the big naked ranks are also the Honda CB1300 and Yamaha XJR1300, very similar to the GSX14 but with their own quirks from all that I've read.

    I'm interested to see in which direction you eventually travel and good luck in your search.