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What Music are you into?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Not when riding, not bike related. but in general, what genre and favourite artists do you label yourself with?

    Mine these days are
    Ben Harper,
    Damien Rice,
    + Old faves - Midnight Oil, Crowded House, INXS etc.

    my genre, in list of most listening to -
    Rock (but.. more acoustic and gentle..)
    House - Club Anthems
    Old school pop classics.
    anything with actual meaning and feeling to it, without being over the top sappy.

    at the moment, my favourite songs are from Ben Harper's 2 disc live album 'live from mars'
    they're The Drugs Don't Work and Please Bleed.
    I LOVE them.
  2. ok, this is going to be long :grin:

    Some of my favourite genres that I listen to regularly are: psytrance, dark-psy, electro, deep house, progressive, grindcore, death metal, thrash metal, techno (the actual genre, not the crap everyone associates as techno - any electronic music :roll: artists like dave clark, Dj RUSH, surgeon), hendrix (he is own genre :) ), same with bob marley, ditto with black sabbath + pink floyd and finally mix masters;2 many DJs/soulwax.

    And stuff I listen to occasionaly is drum'n'bass, jungle (same kinda thing but preceeded it), pub rock - bands I used to be in and associate with like cosmic psychos, the meanies, stained. Also old school punk, sub punk like hard ons (borders on pub rock-sub punk), some black metal - venom + bathory basically, jeff beck, tori amos, classical. Basically it's most stuff except c&w and most pop/top 40 style stuff (but I do like some top 40 stuff)

    Who I associate myself with, easily would say old Metallica, black sabbath, bob marley who I coincidentally have tattooed on my back :grin: and 2 of my close friends music heath myers + ferris(yes the same user ferris that is on here :grin:). I just wish there were 100 hours a day to dedicate to listening to music!
  3. Alot of dance hits, a bit of techno, top40, rock (but not the hard rock stuff just the light stuff ;) ), and some classics (beatles etc)

    I mostly listen to Ministry of Sound - have most of their CD's
  4. Ministry of sound is a record label not an actual band/artist :wink:
  5. Smart arse :LOL: :LOL:

    OK but i was making a generialisation - i could just list out about 150 different artists off the CD's - or i could just group them under MOS - Your choice :wink:
  6. my choice cool. Please list them all heheh, I NEED TO KNOW :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    Well MOS does do trance, ambient and general euro dance stuff from memory.
  7. BON JOVI !~!~

    singers/bands im into at the moment are;

    James Blunt
    Hawthorne Heights
    Something Corporate

    But im into all music from classical to heavy metal, very diverse.

    Honestly though, no one is as good as jovi !
  8. Bands i cant go a day without listening to some of their work:

    Pearl Jam
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Other artists i love:
    Jeff Buckley
    Neil Young
    You Am I
    Pink Floyd
    Rolling Stones

    I absolutely cant stand the majority of chart music today, tasteless to me.
  9. Most of what I listen to would fall into the category of Punk, Ska and/or Emo - with the exeption of my Rammstein albums. Music I can't stand would include Hip-hop, Country, Dance/Techno and anything that's been created for the sole purpose of selling albums (so 99.9% of the top 40).
  10. OMG :shock: is there a charater limit on this thing... :LOL:

    Well, I like a heap of things, but mainly listen to dance/trance/house/euro electronica when i get the chance... (J2D2 made an awsome track so far ;) )
    Also R&B is good...

    Fave band is Green Day, almost without competition...

    Love good ol' Barnes any day of the week... And Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Live...

    Like MOS, Rammstien (for something different), Marilyn Manson.
    And the funny ones; Bloodhound Gang, Dennis Leary.

    Listen to Top 40, Nova100, MMM stuff all other times...

    Dont really listen to Opera, Country, Nirvana (hate em really, but I like SilverChair :? )

    Love soundtracks, F&F:TD, LOTR, Gladiator (I closed my eyes at the lights with this on the otherday and got lost in time :LOL: )

    And when I go insane, the Golden Oldies come on and I sing it loud and proud on the freeways :LOL: ...

    The list goes on people....
  11. Simple,
    yoshi's.......what??? well it should be a genre, the sweetest music known to man :grin: :cool:
  12. [img:165:165:6696de7bd0]http://www.pxdrive.com/pics/norm/67765.jpg[/img:6696de7bd0]
    Tech N9ne

    Kottonmouth Kings


    To name a few :cool:
  13. radio Triple J, PBS, RRR,

    just about everything i'll give ago
    Bands nightwish, Enter Twighlite, Vanshing Point..
    last gig 'Queensryche !! huge night'
    currently a lot of DJ Shadow and side one War of the worlds 'Original'
  14. I listen to whatever the clever programmers at the commercial radio stations tell me to listen to.

    What else is there?
  15. Hey Wazza,

    "some DnB"? what DnB do you like?
    What about Breaks?
  16. 80's Rock/Metal
    Heavy Metal

    But i like listening to anything if it's good
  17. From The beatles to Tea-Party

    ELp,Yes,Purple, Sabbath Zepplin , AAF,Incubus, 311,
    Hawkwind, Floyd, Tangerine Dream ( Need to dor a few tabs for this ) :LOL: :LOL:
    basically stuff the radios and night clubs don't play

    Music with balls , and muso's

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Almost anything.

    I won't listen to rap, techno or whatever people play in their cars at volumes so loud I can't hear my engine. ( :evil: )

    I like such bands as Nightwish, NIN, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Tristania, Linkin Park...

    I think you get the idea.
  19. This is the toughest question ever to answer.

    My iPod has got on it at the moment:

    Linkin Park Prince
    Metallica Eminem
    Iron Maiden Arrested Development
    AC/DC Nickelback
    Angels Guns N Roses
    Cold Chisel Jill Scott - Jazz
    Culture Club how the hell did that get in there!
    Missy Higgins James Blunt
    St Mathews Passion - classical Soul II Soul
    Kayne West Hill St Soul
    Swedish Magazines Evanescence
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2pac
    Elvis Bob Marley
    Yusuf Islam when he was known as Cat Stevens
    Kenny Rogers Casey Chambers
    Joss Stone Country and Western
    Ice T The Living End
    NWA Kiss
    Anastacia Dean Martin

    And that's only half the stuff on my i-Pod I have tons of other music I listen to. I cannot say what kind of music I am in to but I think that music with passion and is well played then I like it.

    It all depends on the mood I am in. :LOL: :( :cry: :mad: :evil: :wink: :twisted: :eek: :oops:

    I HATE boy bands they sh1t me to tears! Fake music of any kind annoys me :evil:
  20. J2D2 is played a lot in this household and enjoyed :wink:

    I also enjoy my Electronica, Drum 'n' Bass and similar genres.