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What MP3 Player do you have

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by imajo, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Im in the process of buying a new MP3 Player and want some opinions. Every person under this god damn sun has an apple Ipod but has anybody used anything else? I used to own an iriver but found the volume not real good - as in i turn the volume to max and it doesnt make me go def.
    Ive seen/read things about the IRIver Clix - can play videos too but the ipod is great because its nice and small.


  2. Sony Walkman HD5 for me, NWA1000 for the wife. Her's is sexier than me :shock: I know, I know, whod'athunk?

    The battery life in mine is amazing. Start it Friday at 6am, forget it's on and at 6am Monday morning it's still playing.
  3. I've got an iriver, and I can't have it up much before it gets too loud for me.

    it's a T30, 2Gb.
  4. I use a Creative MuvoTX. It's a small 1GB player that takes a single AAA battery. I would use it for 2 hours a day and it would still be going by Friday. I can also slip it out of the battery pack (total size is around a match box) and plug it in to my work PC where I can listen to the radio, MP3's or store files on it.
  5. Phillips GoGear HDD082 2 gig hard drive based jobbie. The Apples at this size are flash memory, but this one was half the price of an Apple ($125 in Canada, not sure what they are here or if they're even available) and does everything I want it to.
  6. i think the one i have now is a iriver h10 - 5gig.
    Almost bought the ipod nano from JBHiFi but ran out before i bought it.
  7. I use the Sony Erriccson w800i phone. It has good easy to use menu and playback/playlists easy as to use. Plus I can take calls whilst riding and the standard headphones double as earplugs whilst riding (ie don't have to turn the volume up to loud to hear the tunes):cool:

    Only prob is Sony bundled software is JUNK. So I just take out the memory card and use my card reader to drag an drop my tunes.
  8. I have a Sony NWHD1 - had it two years and good battery life and compact size but bad is the Sony Sonic Stage software

    You can always get a phone that takes a memory card and fill that up with songs.

    I use my PDA phone as an MP3 player and works great via my earmold plugs while riding
  9. Mine also, I have velcro on the back of it and it sits on my bikes clutch fluid res and plugged into my headset.
  10. how do you answer calls when riding? Is the phone voice activated? I thought about using my nokia n80 for listening to music whilst riding but with gloves on, it would be almost impossible to control. Not that i have a spare hand when riding anyways.
  11. I have a Creative Zen. Before that i had a Creative Zen NX

    Creative make great mp3 players and have excellent sound qaulity. All the Reviews i have read mention the excellent sound and that is why i went with Creative.
    I have not been disappointed.
  12. an I-M8 fro me , cost $27 just add whatever size men\mory card you want
    about the size of a mach box, and can operate with gloves on
  13. Probably uses either a Autocom unit or a StarCom, I use a Starcom which connects phone/gps/mp3/uhf all together through my headset. Phone auto answers after one ring and I use speed dial, only family are aware of the number.
  14. I also have one. Never missed a beat, although the headphones it came with were ordinary. When I came off I had it in my jacket pocket and landed on it. Apart from a cracked casing over the display, its fine. Very happy with it.
  15. Creative Zen 20GB Black.

    Got it a while ago and have never had any problems with it. Doesn't play videos like it's IPod equivalent but I never got it to play videos.
  16. iPod Nano, boring but it works and my kids have them also.
  17. U2 iPod (20gig)

    looks good and does what I want.....always.

    i<3 Apple
  18. i own a sony hd5. the volume is turned down on most mp3 players to comply with EU standards. on mine it can be swtiched off via the firmware. to access it you need to push a series of buttons. its pretty useful. the battery life and sound quality is amazing.

    but i wouldnt buy it again. you see, it is an "mp3 player", which dosnt actually play mp3s. its such a pain in the arse. to get songs onto there, you need to use their buggy software(sonic stage) which crashes every 2 seconds. there was another software you can use that some programmer who owns one has written, which is much better.
    the software will convert ur mp3 into some other dodgy format and then add it to a database. without this it wont play the file. and that converted file will not work on my PC, which sux cos i was hoping to have a backup of all my mp3s on the mp3 player.
    i still dont understand how they can call it an mp3 player if it cant play mp3s.

    i would go for a iriver, as i heard they can play any mp3 copied(not coverted and added to a database) onto the hdd. and it also have stacks of features like recording and radio.
  19. IPod photo 20GB, received as a gift.

    If I had a choice I would've preferred to choose my own, sure you could get same or better quality without paying the Apple Tax.