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what movies have you seen recently that you would recommend?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. ve seen pretty much all the big ones.
    batman was awesome
    hancawk was great
    forbidden kingdom (jackie chan and jet li) was very good.

    one of the best edge of your seat in pain movies ive seen is TAKEN with liam neeson, Famke Jansen( xmen fame) and there is a small part by holly Valance. the story is liam nesson is divorced from jansen, and they have a daughter. the daughter goes to france, and gets kidnapped. neeson is on the phone to her at the time. he goes on a big revenge run. FUGGIN AWESOME! i just finished watching it, and im starting again. already we are jumping up and screaming at the TV, this movie is just that good. AND we will be going to see it at the cinema when it comes out. its not a new story line, but DAMN! he kicks some of the best arse i have ever seen! i'd love to see him go hand to hand with Bourne.. i wouldnt like to bet on who would win. go see it!

  2. Pineapple Express.
  3. Taken and Felon....both very good :grin:
  4. I thought "The bank job" was pretty good
  5. Yeah, The Bank Job was a pretty good movie, i would recommend it... Also, I know it isn't the newest movie (1978 :LOL: ) but I watched it only the other day for the first time... The movie was "Midnight Express"... I have to say, even though im only 16yo, but all the movies from the 70's to mid 90's were the best movies, you cant compare the movies from back in the day now... There was Scarface, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, Carlito's Way, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Boyz n the hood, etc etc... i could go all day naming movies :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: And now there is hardly anything worth watching :cry:
  6. Hmm I thought Hancawk was pretty average and Forbidden Kingdom was complete crap. So probably not much point recommending any of the movies I thought were good I suppose.
    But FWIW films I have seen lately I did enjoy were:
    Letters From Iwo Jima
    Pan's Labyrinth
    They're DVDs though, not cinema (they're also not in English).

    Probably watch a few more films over the next week or so what with the olympics being on but most of the other big films I've seen lately have also been big disappointments - The Happening was simply crap in every way; Jumper was predictable and boring; and even Kung Fu Panda was only average at best.
    Have to agree with the post above that the vast majority of films being made now simply aren't worth watching - they're far more orientated towards using some gimmick rather than a decent plot.
  7. Just rewatched Two Lane Blacktop last night after first seeing it 25 years ago (spotted the DVD for $20 and couldn't resist).

    I'd forgotten what an early '70s cult movie period piece it was. A bit of an accquired taste, but it stars the most evil primer grey '55 Chev you've ever seen, along with various other tasty machinery. Oh yeah, and there are some people in it too, most of whom have since died rather prematurely :shock: .

    I've also ordered a copy of Funnyman, which I saw a while ago. Lotsa gore and almost cartoonish violence If you're a Pom with a terror/hatred of clowns or Mr Punch, you'll absolutely love it. If you're anyone else, maybe not :) . Judging by the online reviews I've seen, Seppos don't like it much. Me and the missus, however, pissed ourselves laughing continuously for an hour and a half. If you enjoyed Bad Taste or Brain Damage it should go down well.
  8. Bank Job is cool
    Batman is awesome
    Wall*E is brilliant
    WANTED is okay . . . . just don't question the "Loom of Fate" ! It does your head in, just accept it as part of the storyline !!! :grin:
  9. the mist (one of the best stephen king conversions ever)

    iron man was cool in a cheesy kind of way

    the mummy 3 (bad)

    scorpion king 2 (even worse)

    jekyll and hyde (excellent psycological thriller)
  10. In bruges <= Awesomeness. If you're a fan of british gangster comedy (Snatch, Lock Stock, Bank Job etc) You'll love this.

    Leatherheads<= Full of Clooney goodness - I loved it.

    Futurama - Beast with a Billion Backs <= Only if you've seen the first movie (Bender's Big Score). Both are great, although the first one was better, imo.
  11. Best movie I saw recently was on SBS on Friday night, 2 weeks ago, Chinese movie called 'Kung Fu Hussle' :rofl: karate spoof, in same vein as scary movie style comedies, was fargin hilarious, with plenty of Crouching tiger :blackeye: hidden dragon style wire fu action ta boot. I actually liked it so much Im going to hunt down a copy to buy 8-[ well, rent maybe :grin:
  12. LMAO I was gunna mention that - it's a great movie...unfortunately coz the name sounds like a crap movie, people don't even give it a chance. The same director (Stephen Chow) does one called God of Cookery, which is a piss-take of Iron Chef in the same absurdist vein. Great! :LOL:

    Also, the Affleck bros did a movie called Gone Baby Gone from last year. I quite enjoyed it. Twisty storyline keeps you guessing.

    And for docos, there is one called 'The King of Kong' which seems like a mockumentary, but is totally true. It's about people battling to take out the high scores in comps of 80s video games. I was spellbound! You could not have written a fiction like that! :LOL: :LOL: Sort of like a true life version of "Best in Show" haha.
  13. Took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda the other day - I was glad to have the excuse :)

  14. For something new-ish, Superbad...I am McLovin!!! :LOL:
    Try Shaolin Soccer it's pretty funny. If you want a bit more serious action try "Shiri" (Korean) and Forbidden Kingdom.
  15. Another Stephen Chow movie :woot:
  16. Can't wait to see Batman & Hancock
    Mist was good, I like many of Stephen Kings stuff .. The Green Mile being his BEST in my opinion.

    EDIT: :LOL: .. I've just realised why you guys spell Hancawk the way you do
  17. Liz takes me to the best movies...

    The Bands Visit was great. A gentle comedy about an Egyptian police band playing a show in Israel.

    Son of a Lion. About a boy who didn't want to follow in his fathers career (gun maker in the North West Provinces of Pakistan).

    Darjeeling Limited (DVD) Beautiful film about discovery.

    Charlie Wilson's War (DVD). Quirky funny film.
  18. I just saw August Rush, not many movies can keep me, missus, 14 & 7 yo girls and 17 & 9 yo boys in complete rapt attention for two hours.

    This is a ripper movie and if you let yourself enjoy it and be immersed it is well worth it.

    I give it two thumbs up

  19. Dammit! Why can't I ever remember movies I've seen that were really good??? Hmm, thinking..thinking.. Like JD, I've seen Pan's Labyrinth and although I thought it was really well done, I was quite devastated by the end (I'm a bit soft).

    And....hey I've realised this thread is kind of a "Boys Own" so at the risk of being abused, I'm going to say......"Mamma Mia". Seriously I thought it would be crap and I only went because my 13yo daughters wanted to see it but it was actually quite entertaining. Now.... let the insults begin.....

    PS: I really liked I am Legend - (and Kalifornia) does that get me any kudos back?
  20. That's what I liked about it - certainly wasn't the sort of ending you'd get in anything out of Hollywood. To me a good film is one that makes you feel something - either good or bad, as opposed to films which you just watch because you've got nothing better to do for a couple of hours.