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What motorcycle does this dash/speedo come from? Ducati Monster or GSX1400 or neither?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, May 25, 2011.

  1. As per the subject, what kind of bike uses this kind of dash??
    Speedo cap.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Neither. I think it's a Kawasaki dash.
  3. Definitely not the big 14 as that looks rather like this

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  4. Interestingly as a side note, somebody mentioned that if a bike were to t-bone a car (for instance) the rear could lift and spin up the speedo to 200+.

    Dunno if that's true, dunno if that's off topic.

    Anybody recognise what bike the dash is from? Could you go outside and compare yours to it please?

    Cheery bye.
  5. I think we've got ourselves a winner. Top work!
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  7. Thanks guys. I think we've found the the bike - a duc monster of some description.

    Good question about what the speedo does in a crash. A bit of googling shows that the weight of opinion (including some that tout themselves as knowledgeable) is clearly on the side that a speedo will most likely drop to zero in a crash. In an impact, the needle is likely to smack the dial and leave a mark showing the speed prior to impact... after which the needle could end up in some random position if not zero.
  8. Interesting. sounded suss when i heard it, so very interesting.
  9. If you've got a rear mounted speedo drive/pickup, let's say you hit a car, and under certain circumstances, your rear wheel could be in the air for a fraction of a second and the throttle could be yanked wide open. Then the speedo could hit 200.
  10. Hey guys,
    Speaking of Monster dashes.. do any of you know if different colour digitek lcd dashes are available for monster 696's?
    I cant seem to find anything yet. I've spent the day scouring the net, but there seem to be Orange USA models, White Euro models, and maybe even red ones judging by stuff on youtube. Where to start?

    Any ideas?